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I <3 Swan Lake

@Swan Lake


A rather relaxed review here. But it is late… I went to see this performance back in October. I have seen shows by Bourne before (Nutcracker! and Cinderella) so I knew what I was letting myself in for.

But my mum? I think she alternated between *sucking lemons* and *wtf?* faces for the first act.

I really do appreciate the ballet, but I can easily get lost in more traditional or faithful choreography. I find the glitz and the glam and all the flim flam that Matthew Bourne writes into his shows makes it accessible and much more enjoyable for me.

In case no one has seen/heard of this particular performance of Swan Lake: ALL THE SWANS ARE BLOKES! And it is fabulous. I never thought I would describe a muscular, half clad in feathers ballet man as ‘beautiful’, but my gosh, the lead swan (Odile/Odette, I guess?) was fearsome. And handsome. And fragile. And sexy… and very much a bird! As in literally ‘avian’.

Great, great, performance and worth every penny. Like each Bourne show I’ve seen, the costumes and the sets are mind-blowing.

It’s funny, it’s sad and it has such a touching ending!

I will give the concluding statement to my dad (after I protested the whole journey home that the finale was ‘so cute’): ‘It’s a little bit gay though, isn’t it?’

*sigh* If you say so father.. If you say so.. DON’T RUIN MY DISNEY DREAMZ!




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