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Fireworks by Angela Carter


I’m late! I’m late!

I was hoping to have read this before bonfire night, for the punning potential alone! But some books won’t be rushed. And some books, unfortunately like this one, you can’t help but put it down.

I’m a big Carter fan. Let’s just get that out in the air. I love her work.

Fireworks, however, went off with more of a fizzle than a bang.

It has all the usual stylistic and linguistic tricks you might expect from picking up a Carter classic, but I couldn’t help but notice them, you know? It wasn’t seamlessly embedded and instead I felt like I was reading a set of show-off skills.

I didn’t like the main characters, and maybe I wasn’t meant to, but I wanted to like them.

Also, perhaps it is the way my copy has been packaged, but I didn’t realise at first that they were nine separate stories. Imagine my confusion! I think maybe my blog should have a subtitle ‘and slow on the uptake’.

I enjoyed ‘Master’ the most. I thought it was the most natural (in writing style) and highly resonant. It was like something that would be at home within ‘The Bloody Chamber’ collection, which is always a plus!

It’s a good read. But it didn’t live up to my (dangerous) expectations.

I give it a solid 2:1, despite my grumblings. *thumbs*

*See ‘ratings system’ for the deciding factors



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2 thoughts on “Fireworks by Angela Carter

    1. I haven’t read The Magic Toyshop yet… I have ‘Nights at the Circus’ on my ‘read soon’ list though.

      Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

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