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Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books of 2015

This wasn’t easy- trying to whittle it down to just ten? I put a constraint on it; they all have to be 2015 releases, or gawd I would have been here through New Year trying to decide.

So here goes, my top ten! In no particular order… (quotes taken from my reviews of the titles, click the links to read them in full)

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Magical Realism; when did we stop calling a spade a spade?

So I’m a studious type. I love school, education, learning, and from that passion I have earned a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature, and I’ve just now completed a MA in Professional Writing.

Why is this important? Usually it’s not. Just because I can dot my t’s and cross my i’s doesn’t make me ‘special’. I love the academic environment, so I pursued ways to stay in it.

But it’s important here because that damn phrase, ‘magical realism’, popped up in most textbooks or articles when I was researching my essays. Continue reading “Magical Realism; when did we stop calling a spade a spade?”