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Lord of the Flies by William Golding made me fall asleep?

I listened to this book as audio because I’ve been really struggling to get enough reading in lately. And audio books have been keeping me going at work. Hitting two birds with one stone and all that jazz!


Ahh, Lord of the Flies. I literally had no preconceptions about this book other than I knew it was often on the school curriculum and it had something to do with boys on a beach.

It sounds really corny, but they really do not write many stories like this anymore. And what I mean by that it’s a book for a younger audience… but written almost like an adults. As in, there’s no real difference in the vocab or the phrasing.

That’s not to say that current books are any less for it, quite the opposite. I find it interesting how the focus and the creation of stories has changed.


However, I DID fall asleep while listening to this book. OOPS!

There is something of a slump in the middle, I feel. I enjoyed the politics of it and the exploration of the human pysche and stuff. But there was a point where I lost it a bit because it kinda stagnates? Is that fair?

HOWEVER, I can vividly remember the moment I fell in love with Lord of the Flies. (And if you haven’t read it, look away now because SPOILERS)…

When that poor boy is lying there, dying, he has some kind of hallucination and it gets so trippy and I was right there with it. Brilliant piece of writing, that. How it manages to be both sinister and funny at the same time? Clever.

The savagery is beastly. The way these boys turn on each other, and themselves, is fascinating.


Question, though. Can anyone answer for me how they got there in the beginning?

Piggy says something about a pilot not being able to go back to the airport… But… did I miss something?

Either way, I was surprised by just how much I ended up liking this book. A quick, engrossing read. If you haven’t given it a go I would encourage you to put it on that TBR. 



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One thought on “Lord of the Flies by William Golding made me fall asleep?

  1. Surely it should go on the TBLT list (To Be Listened To) instead? 😉

    Trust you to find a way of still taking in more novels when you don’t have the time to read!

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