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My top ten books of 2016

Ok then, let’s do this! It took me a little while to compile this list, as I’m sure it does for most of us, right? It’s HARD to say for certain which are the top of the top. Especially when I feel like 2016 has been on fleek when it comes to literature.


I’ve only included 2016 releases in this list. I’m including “backlist honourable mentions” at the bottom for those books that were new-to-me this year. If you’ve made a similar list link it to me in the comments!

In order of reading:

‘Night Study’ by Maria V. Snyder


LOVED THE SHIT OUTTA THIS BOOK! I mean, Snyder is on my insta-buy list. There are no duds in her body of work. At all. What I was most excited about in this installment of the series was that we got to see more of Valek and his history. It filled me with all kinds of warm and fuzzies. I gushed about it right here.

‘Front Lines’ by Michael Grant


I had something of a Michael Grant re-awakening this year. I used to read Animorphs WAAY BACK WHEN and then stuck the ‘Gone’ series on my TBR but never got there. So when I got an ARC for ‘Front Lines’ I was muy excited. It’s such a cool alt take on history. And I luff it. (See more here)

‘Morning Star’ by Pierce Brown


Words cannot express how much I love this series and having it end (for now) was HEARTBREAKING! Pierce Brown is such an intelligent writer. Complex and yet not confusing, with characters I will love forever. Sevro is life. And when I was invited to the launch at Hodder HQ? I LOST IT! See that car crash right here.

‘Broken Sky’ by L A Weatherly


This series starter is a firecracker. I was utterly engrossed with it. An alt future “utopia” that takes inspo from a 1940s America? HECK YES! Not only did the plot twist me into a pretzel, I quickly became obsessed with Ingo. Heh heh. This series is just a perfect fit for me.

‘Ride’ by Lisa Glass


OMFG this series. This series killed me. Literally. I was struck down by all the feels and then the wounds were washed with seawater. I loved every damn page though and I am devastated that it’s over. *sobs*

‘Paper Butterflies’ by Lisa Heathfield


Again with the feels. This book socked me right in the stomach. But there is something quietly fierce about this book too. It’s gentle and sharp at the same time. BEAUTIFUL!

‘And I Darken’ by Kiersten White


*heavy breathing* I think this book just about claws its way to the top of my list this year. It completely transported me and I could not put it down. It’s slick. It’s gutsy. It’s soft. It’s hard. It’s everything I want from a quasi-historical YA. And I say ‘quasi’ because even though it’s historically research, it’s still fictionalised. My heart beats for this book.

‘The Creeper Man’ by Dawn Kurtagich


Inspiring. This book is my bag. 100% – It’s kooky, it’s creepy and it’s just damn SCARY! There is something very cinematic about this book for me. I could just SEE it all so clearly, and maybe that’s part of the reason it’s still sticking with me. I cannot shake some of the imagery.

‘The Call’ by Peadar O’Guilin


This book needs more attention. Seriously. It’s an absolute gem. A little bit Hunger Games, a little bit Richelle Mead… But that doesn’t even begin to compare to ‘The Call’. It’s a total ride. Dystopian, post-apocalyptic, paranormal, FUN! Bone cracking. Skull crushing. This might not be for the weak of disposition.

‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ by Emily Barr


This book is SO CLEVER! I think at first the writing style might throw some people off, that’s the impression I get from other reviews, but seriously stick with it. There’s a reason Flora narrates in the way she does. It’s essential. And it becomes so enthralling as the plot delves deeper. SO MUCH LOVE for it.

Honourable mentions (new-to-me in 2016) : 

What has been your top read of 2016? Tell me! Tell me!



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