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Maresi will give you life.

I tried to think of something witty for the title of this review. But as I’m writing this I’m half way to a food coma on Christmas Day and I just… *sigh* I HAVE NO PUNS! So let’s just imagine I thought of a really witty, fierce and storm-related title. Just close your eyes and pretend.


Cool, we there? Then I’ll begin. Maresi is life changing.

Why do I say that? Because it’s a quiet tempest. There’s something to be learned from the way this book so gently works its way into your head and stirs up stuff… without you even really noticing. CLEVER WRITING right there.

Setting – At first I was worried that the very closed-in setting of the book would become claustrophobic, that it would get samey. But it really doesn’t. There is something special about the way this story is told, in that it has a classic feel but it’s still so fresh and new too. Essentially it’s the boarding school setting, if you think about it. A tiny island where young girls apprentice themselves to the older women (who, are alternative nuns, right? The sisters. The mother).

Characters – Each one was well-rounded and stood out as individuals. Which I thought was impressive since we’re given a bucketload of girls and women, you know? I particularly liked our main character, Maresi, because I could see a lot of myself in her. And I think many bookworms will too.

Plot – It doesn’t run along at a break-neck pace, but it’s comfortable and there is something satisfying in how it takes its time. The plot is simple, and yet it just WORKS. It made for a really enjoyable read.

Sisters are doing it for themselves – I loved how everything that needed to be done on the island, from cooking to building to farming to trade… They all just got on with it. There was never a “I can’t do that” attitude. Sure, some learning might be required, but these women just get the job done. And it was a thrill to see. It’s the kind of book that I want to hand to my younger family members (both girls and boys) and be like “This. Just this.”


It’s also romance free.. but this only occurred to me as I’m writing this. I adore a bit of romance, so I usually notice right away when it’s absent, but not here, not with this book.

I really loved this book, it gave me a new way of thinking about how to write fierce women without throwing it into the reader’s face, and I cannot wait to read book two. I’m an insta-fan of Maria Turtschaninoff and you should be too!

Have you read Maresi? What did you think? 



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