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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake Makes Me Sad

Let me give you my stats: I’ve watched the original film more times than I can count. I have been to see the stage version 6 times. And the soundtrack is on ALL of my Spotify playlists. Basically, I’m a Rocky Horror nut.


So hearing that there was going to be a remake… I was worried. Why fix something that isn’t broke? The fact that the original is a little dusty, it didn’t have the biggest budget, and it feels a bit cobbled is all part of its charm. The CAST however were perfection. How can anyone EVER fill Tim Curry’s shoes?

I’ve watched the remake. And basically, they can’t.

However, Laverne Cox’s take on Frank N Furter is wonderful. Not only does she capture the essence of the original, but somehow manages to make it new. New and the same at the same time.



Basically if it wasn’t for her performance (the voice is spot on) I would not have much good to say about this film.

Like I said, why even try to take this film on when the original is so perf?

The main issue I had the whole way through is that it lacks focus and is toning down the raunchy elements and ramping up the use of props and set. It literally throws everything at you. Whereas in the original all eyes were on Tim Curry at all times, in the remake I kept losing Laverne Cox. And that made me sad because it’s such a clever performance.

Adam Lambert as Eddie is naturally another highlight because he’s such a charismatic performer too. But again, he gets a bit lost in the set up of it all.

It’s almost like they decided they were never going to top the original so instead they threw everything at it instead. It’s like a Rocky Horror fever dream gone wrong.


Magenta? Meh.

Colombia? Double meh. (It annoys me actually how her “he’s ok” line is now more obvious, if that makes sense? Before it was a genuine, “he’s ok”, now it’s more obvious that she’s not impressed. And it’s details like that where I really lost my faith in this production).

Riff Raff? A solid B+

Brad and Janet? Bad yes. Janet meh.


I’m also in two minds about Tim Curry’s appearances too. Like… why? I mean, if he genuinely WANTED to be a part of it, then cool. But I felt like they could have done more with him somehow.


The music doesn’t have the same punch as the original. The songs feeling flatter, and less sharp. And the overall vibe is missing the edge and sass of the original.

Will I watch it again? Probs not. Maybe to re-visit Laverne Cox’s scenes. But other than that, nuh uh.

You can watch in the UK on 28th Oct on Sky Cinema.



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