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‘Unrivalled’ looks good enough to eat on the outside, but I’m not sure I liked the flavour

How excited was I to receive this book from the lovely people at Mira INK? I’ll tell you. I was VERY excited. For one, look at how beautiful it is:


Gorgeous, am I right? Who WOULDN’T want to read this book?

However, I soon realised that this book and me weren’t going to be friends. And I don’t think it had anything to do with the writing, or the story, or anything other than a poor match between my brain and this overall package.

What did I really enjoy?

Multiple strands – The way the author brings together each character and their story in a clever and interwoven net was truly captivating. It’s the kind of plot that I couldn’t even begin to write, so I have massive respect for that.

The beginning – It starts with a real banger. And I instantly wanted to know the how, and the why, and the who. Maximum intrigue alert!

The detail – A lot of work has gone into the nuts and bolts of this story and I really appreciated that.

What would I have done differently, if it were me?

I’m not sure. I found the first half really slow going, and it took me a while to get properly into it. This might be in part due to the snap of the opening pages and then the lull thereafter. It was interesting learning about the characters, but it felt like it sagged a little.


I wanted more punch, pow, punch. You know? And the narrative told me a lot, maybe too much, waxing poetical on the state of Hollywood and its inhabitants. Furthermore, I was confused about what audience this book would suit the best. YA, NA, adult? The bar kept moving as I read, and although it doesn’t really matter, it sometimes helps me to just have an idea of where the goal posts are, at least, you know?

It’s not a very detailed review for this one, I’m afraid, because I just didn’t connect with the story in the way I was hoping to. So, really, this book was not for me. I really like Alyson Noel’s writing style, in general, and as this is the first in the ‘Beautiful Idols’ series I am definitely interesting in seeing where it will go next.

An ok 3/5.

(Released May 2016 – Received with many thanks to Mira INK – thoughts and opinions totally my own, for real)




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