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The #GeekFest tour: Meeting Holly Smale and other author shenanigans

I shouldn’t be allowed out in public.


This is a known fact to myself and to my friends. And yet, they still think it’s a good idea when I say “ooh, there’s THIS event happening, shall we go?”

The answer should always be NO! Why? Let me tell you…

The #GeekFest was an epic tour featuring the Geek Girl O.G. (not ‘old git’, the other O.G.) Holly Smale.

YA events are few and far between in my part of the country so seeing she would be coming to Truro Waterstones was something I knew I couldn’t miss. So I do what I normally do with these things and hit up my friend who lives and works in Truro (at Waterstones, how convenient!!) and arrange the deets.

This all sounds quite normal so far, yeah? True. We had lunch:


*drools* SO GOOD!

And then we went to the store where my bud showed me around a little bit. Like a behind-the-scenes kind of tour. AMAZE. Those of you who work at bookshops will be all ‘what’s the big deal?’ Well, for us muggles, us norms, it’s exciting, ok?

We get our tix, grab seats at the back…

Hold up. Right there.

If you’re ever with me and I suggest sitting at the back, shut it down. This is a trigger warning of mischief to come. Don’t do it. Either make me sit further down, or, if I’m being stubborn, DO NOT SIT WITH ME AT THE BACK!

So at this point I’ve already had my book labelled, not with my name, but to be signed to ‘TREACLE UNICORN’.

Alright, no big deal. It’s my alias, generated by this beaut:

So, it’s cool, right?

And then here’s the game changer. I learn that authors Lisa Glass and Liz Kessler are coming to watch the event too. I haven’t really mentioned it yet, but I’m chairing a panel at the Porthleven Literary Fringe Festival this year and those two lovelies are going to be on it.

We’ve met before, and I tweet Lisa Glass like a creeper fangirl.

However, I’m not sure Liz Kessler was quite ready for my own brand of weird. She joked when we noticed we weren’t following each other on twitter (not a clue why I wasn’t…) and I said that it was probably for the best. I’m a proper oddjob on twitter. Can’t help it. But Liz laughed, and didn’t really believe me… Until…


Essentially, it was all downhill from there.

The event itself though! Ah! See how sidetracked I can get? Holly Smale was amazing, and I was more than a little starstruck meeting her. But she signed all my books to Treacle Unicorn, so I’m a happy chappy.


What did I learn from that day?

  1. Holly Smale would dye her hair green… Maybe.
  2. I should wear a gag (which would be less weird than if I could speak).
  3. I should panic less when getting my books signed (say something, anything. No? Just gonna stand there and watch her write your name? Ok then. Freak.)
  4. I love my inner oddball.

It’s true. And really, isn’t that overall message from ‘Geek Girl’ too? You can be anything you want, as long as you’re true to yourself, yeh? So I’m not gonna change. I’ll still be creepy-awkward in public and creepy-weird online.

It’s just my vibe. Don’t kill it.

How do you act/feel at book events? Do you ever feel like a weirdo online?



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

4 thoughts on “The #GeekFest tour: Meeting Holly Smale and other author shenanigans

  1. When do I even act normal online! I love nickname generators ❤ I would totally sign everything with "Yours truly, Sugar Button" 😀

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