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500 followers on #bookstagram, but what does it mean?

Let me tell you, I started a bookstagram account because I was taking a lot of pictures of books.. and I didn’t really have anything I could do with them. There’s only so many you can use on your blog, right?


So I fumbled my way into Instagram, holding out my photos of bookish things like a toddler who’s finger-painted a snail.

Never ever did I think anyone would take any notice, let alone follow me. What I’ve learned about the community on bookstagram is this:

  1. It’s HUGE. And I mean, gargantuan. There are hundreds upon hundreds of people posting bookish things, and that is FABULOUS! It’s like “HERE ARE MY PEOPLE. I LIVE HERE NOW.”
  2. It’s FRIENDLY. Like, almost to a fault (because you know where too much kindness on the internet can get ya). But it’s so lovely and welcoming.
  3. You don’t have to be a pro. It’s fair to say I’ve improved in my book-snapping skills. I think about things that never even crossed my mind before. You wouldn’t have heard me cursing the sky for a shoddy lighting situation before now. But you don’t have to do anything fancy or professional looking to communicate something special or unique.
  4. It’s addictive. I like to think of bookstagram as an extension of my blog as well as an entity unto itself. Time has been something of a luxury lately, but my Instagram has allowed me to still feel part of the bookish community without having to get too intense about what I’m writing etc. Quickly snap a photo, say something just as snappy about the book, post it. It feels good.
  5. It’s easier to connect with people. This was proved at a recent book signing I was at. Quickly adding someone on Instagram and then looking up their blog LATER is far quicker than trying to type in URLs or writing down blog names wrongly.

But all this sounds like you’re giving preference to your Insta over your blog.

Does it? Hm. Maybe. I don’t want anything I post on my blog to feel half-arsed. I’m a writer. So what type something, I want to mean it, and I want it to be a good representation of myself too.

(I said ‘good’. I didn’t say it had to be ‘amazing’. I’m realistic, not deluded) And doing ‘good’ takes a lot of ‘time’.

But hitting 500 followers on Instagram felt pretty exciting. If nothing else it makes me feel like I’m doing SOMETHING right, you know? And I’m enjoying doing it, too.

I’m going to be doing a giveaway to celebrate so stay tuned!Β 

Got a #bookstagram? Leave a link or your user in the comments and I’ll head on over!



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8 thoughts on “500 followers on #bookstagram, but what does it mean?

  1. Congrats on 500 followers! It takes a lot of hard work to also build up the following/readership to get people to not just only like a picture but to also interact and to follow you so a lot of kudos especially without relying on SFS ^_^ Here’s to more followers! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you! I don’t have the patience or the motivation to do SFS. I will shoutout accounts I love, but not because I want one back, you know? πŸ™‚

      1. I totally agree, plus I find SFS takes away the fun of discovering accounts just by pure chance. I’m not a fan of being force-fed accounts to follow personally ^_^ I never expect follow for follows either so xD

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