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4 April releases I’m getting excited for

1. Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend because dayum this book is weird. I’ve already had the, uh, pleasure of reading this book but I need to talk to people about it. Therefore I’m excited for its release so that everyone can read it and then WE MUST TALK! Seriously. DM me.

2. Desolation is the second book in the Demon Road series and let me tell you… It’s fabulous. Just as action-packed and fast as the first book. Again, plz read soon so we can chat about the ending and stuff! PLEASE!

3. Chasing the Stars because, hello! It’s Malorie Blackman. I didn’t manage to blag myself an ARC for this one so I’m pretty stoked about getting my hands on it come release day.

 4. In the Dark, In the Woods is a book I actually got an e-galley for. BUT ALAS! It was corrupted to buggery. Unfortunately the publisher didn’t respond when I raised the issue. Ah well. I’m really intrigued by this book. Looks like my kinda shtick.

So even though April is a MASSIVE month for books, I’m actually pretty well stocked and my TBR is getting out of control, so I’m trying not to actively seek out too many new books.

We all know this is a lie.

I’m ALWAYS seeking new books.

But it’s the thought that counts.

What are you looking forward to this month?



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6 thoughts on “4 April releases I’m getting excited for

  1. I’m really curious about Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend — seems like one of those books that could be so crazy it’s amazing or just plain wack!

    I’m really excited for Forest of Ruin, The Winner’s Kiss and Walk the Edge. The last two came out last week so I’m still waiting for my library copies to come–the wait is killing me I think!

    1. Oh gee! I haven’t even got my copy of The Winner’s Kiss yet. It’s lost somewhere in transit methinks. Sad times. I’m so scared to read it though. I don’t want it to be over!!!!

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