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This is why all manga fans will LOVE ‘Good Morning Call’

You guys. This is like every manga/anime/Japan culture fanatic’s dream come true. A live action version of something that DOESN’T SUCK!

Live action creations, in my experience, tend to fall flat or completely lose the essence of the original anime or manga.

This is not the case for ‘Good Morning Call’, however. It is FLAWLESS.

A quick synopsis – high school student Nau and Uehara are scammed into renting the same apartment. They can’t go home, so what’s left to do but to split the rent and share? The only problem is Uehara is in the ‘Top Three’ at school. Popular, and a bit of a jerk, he makes a list of rules, one of which is to hide the fact that they are living together.

Sure, I could probably write a whole essay on the frustration of seeing a ditzy, oppressed, ‘dumb’ girl for a main character. Her situation borders on abusive. Nao has a series Tohru Complex. Most people have read or seen Fruits Basket so I use Tohru as a prime example of these girls who get pushed around by boys who think they know better.

giphy (48)

And yeah, Orihime from Bleach sorta falls into this category too. For funsies you can watch the leekspin over and over here. (with sound)

So why do I keep coming back to these stories?

Good question. And I’ve spent a bit of time trying to figure it out. I think part of it is the epic heart these stories have, and ‘Good Morning Call’ is no exception. It has tons of real heart and emotion that trump all of the slightly skewed gender perceptions.

giphy (49)

But that’s enough of the hard stuff. Here’s the fun:

‘Good Morning Call’ is exactly how reading a zany, shojo manga feels. It’s full of daft exclamations, silly situations and the stakes are always high. Drama. Drama. More drama. And food.

Food always plays a role in the best manga/anime etc. So it was great to see it feature so prominently in this live action series.

The secondary characters aren’t overlooked. Marina and Daichi are especially convincing, even if my heart breaks over and over for Daichi-kun. Poor lamb. He tries so hard, and yet it never seems to get him anywhere. Plus, Nao is BLIND to his affections. Silly girl.

Yuri is fabulous. I love how her character injects something slightly racier, and there are moments that are definitely more ‘adult’ than the teen-drama that overpowers the majority of the screen time.

This series is cute af. You’ll find someone to fall in love with, to laugh at, to root for. It’s such a fun adaptation and I would urge anyone who is into Japanese TV or literature to watch it right away.

Have you watched it on Netflix yet? Are you as obsessed as I am?




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31 thoughts on “This is why all manga fans will LOVE ‘Good Morning Call’

  1. I’m a sucker for shoujo manga! I say that I hate the characters and the plot but I really do enjoy them. And WHAT?? a manga live action adaptation that isn’t bad? I so have to check this out now XD

  2. Ok let me get this out of my system – Good Morning Call is a rip off of Itazura na Kiss. There is no escaping that, she even named her main character Nao.

    Having said that I absolutely love Good Morning Call and Good Morning Kiss and actually prefer it. The ditzy female actually isn’t too ditzy for shoju romance and Hisashi may be a bit of an ass but not abusive (like Naoki). Poor Daichi-chan you always kind of hope that it’d work out for him but that’s teen angst for you.

    I think the netflix adaption is utterly adorable and have watched the episodes a few times over – Friday nights have never been quite so cute. I know Good Morning Kiss is still being written but I hope that Netflix go on to make 1-2 seasons of it as well.

    1. It seems to happen often (and when I say ‘often’ I only mean enough to make it noticeable) where manga or anime “borrow” from each other… to put it nicely. Haha!

      Oh Daichi… *pouts* It’s just so painful to watch! He’s too forgiving!!

      1. I think it’s hilarious because in one of the episodes, Marina makes a comment on how couples who are pretend dating for tv shows end up dating in real life and her boyfriend (I can’t remember his name for the life of me) laughs and covers his face with his scarf awkwardly. I think it’s the actor breaking character and laughing cause the situation is that Nao and UeHara are really dating!

    1. Not sure if it was true. Shiraishi Shunya (Uehara) is 26 years old and the Fukuhara Haruka (Nao) is only 18 in real life.

  3. Normally I just read and click through but never comment. I have to say that this is very spot on. I love love love this show more than I ever thought I could. Yes, you will definitely find someone to root for. I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the announcement of season 2! Faizah, I read that on someone else’s page too but I don’t think it’s really been confirmed. It would be interesting given her age. Anyways, fingers crossed for season 2!!

      1. So, despite but wanting it to end, I finally exhaled and watched the last 10 minutes of episode 17. Again, I’d looooovvveee a season 2 but the story seems so concluded. It’s almost like they thought, ‘Just in case we don’t make or back let’s give a taste of their future.’ Very bittersweet.

      2. So, despite not wanting it to end, I finally exhaled and watched the last 10 minutes of episode 17. Again, Iโ€™d looooovvveee a season 2 but the story seems so concluded. Itโ€™s almost like they thought, โ€˜Just in case we donโ€™t make it back letโ€™s give a taste of their future.โ€™ Very bittersweet.

  4. I wanted something new on Netflix I came across GMC. My book store doesn’t have the maga. I watch animes and all but I was never able to watch any dramas I was excited and not let down. I’m happy there are more on Netflix. Also any good website where I can watch other dramas? But the show is a must watch and watch k ER again.

  5. This show is such an amazing show. I couldn’t believe how good it is!! Pleaseeee make a season two ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Šlove love love . Great acting !

  6. I am watching this series right now, and I love it! I admit I was skeptical and started watching expecting to be frustrated or something, but ohmigod, I adore it. The characters, the plot, the scenarios, those hilarious moments that makes me giggle like a preteen, which again makes my boyfriend turn around and give me a “wtf”-look.

    I rooted for Daichi and Nao for a while. His devotion and obvious feelings for her are just sooooo believiable! But then again, the cutest and funniest moments have been with Nao and Uehara, no doubt.

    The series is silly, cute, adorable, funny, sad, everything at once. Bf asked me what I’m watching, and I said “live action anime”. Because to me they’ve made such an effing good job with this series that it is just like watching an anime. With different actors, producers, directors etc this would have just been weird. People doesn’t act and behave like they do in th series. But everything is so well put together, every single litte detail makes it purrrrfect and not awkward at all.
    I’m so hoping to find something similar to this, or that more “live action anime” of this quality will be made in the future. Hands down, very few series takes my heart like this have managed to to.

  7. Spot on review! This show is literally a manga come to life and has reignited a spark in me for Asian dramas! I grew up in Japan as a kid, then read manga in high school, then went thru a kdrama phase that fizzled out, and this has brought back all that nostalgia and had me feeling all the feels and giggling like a teen again, like another commenter said above.

    I thought the ending was really cute, but I just saw from the show’s official instagram (@goodmorningcallshow) that they renewed it for a 2nd season! I hope we get to see more of Uehara being sweeter and more affectionate with Nao, as well as a more mature Nao who’s still adorable but a little less ditzy, haha.


    1. Season 2 set to air on Netflex on January 3, 2017. I don’t like Uehara’s new hair do. It’s longer than season 1 hair.

      1. OMG!!! I can’t wait. The 2nd season hadn’t been confirmed the last time I looked. I will definitely be counting down the days. I’m very excited to see how the characters will continue to develop. lovehj i’m sorry you don’t like his hair…i’m loving it lol. He looks so much more mature with it combed back….NICE! ๐Ÿ™‚ :-)I don’t know who’s more excited, myself or my daughter. WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  8. Great review. You are so spot-on! The actress who plays Nao is perfect. So infuriating but definitely adorable. I love how Japanese society and expectations are infused in this show — difficult to understand from a western perspective, but yes, very Japanese. Looking forward to the next season. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Our Little Sister,” but that’s a fine film directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda and adapted from a shoujo manga, too.

  9. Yes yes yes…. I am loving it so much too! Very watchable….. I actually just put the first 10 minutes or so on only to see how cheesy it was but now I can’t stop! Poor Nao….. Daichi is awesome!

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has fallen in love with GMC. I binge watched it and now I’m slightly obsessed ๐Ÿ˜„
    Has anyone found where to buy an English version of the manga from? I tried at a comic book store in Canberra but they seemed to think it’s not printed in english. I’ve seen websites that would disagree though.

  11. Aaaaah I accidentally bumped it on Netflix and now I’d say what a stroke of luck!! You’re absolutely correct ..this drama is one of the best live adaptations of a manga that I’ve ever seen. All the characters and the actors playing them are just perfect! I am a big fan of Daichi Kun now and also the main cast of the show. This drama is my favourite now and it tops Mischievous Kiss too in that league. I’d recommend it to everybody, no cringey moments, just pure laughter, food (yes), and feels..too many of them!! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  12. Love GMC and little Haruka Fukuhara was great in the MTV video Princess Moon. I thought about the 401/402 room ending and wondered how long the dividing wall remains intact.

  13. I recently started watching the show and i love it! Therefore I’ve been looking around the internet for the books. But I can’t seem to find them in english… Any chance that someone knows where I can find them?

  14. I love this article, and I love Good Morning Call too but… how could everyone forget Icchan? I find him faaar more adorable than Daichi! Anyone, do you have any suggestion about other drama that can get the same kind of feelings?

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