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We Were Liars by e lockhart: This is the book everyone should read. This one.

Confession time: I’ve had We Were Liars on my Kindle for a while now. I’ve even quoted from it for essays. But had I read it? Nope.

The thing is, unless I need to read an e-book (for studies, or review purposes etc) then I’m more than likely going to overlook it.

So how come I’ve read it now? I had some time to kill, I was in the library, and having one of those ‘me’ days. You know the ones? Where you feel like you need to make an effort to look after yourself a little better?

giphy (77)

I saw this book poking out of the shelf, and it felt like it was time. I put a pause on my ARCs and took this sucker on a lunch date.


It’s time for me to stop faffing around because this book totally blew my mind. I mean, sure, I already had the big twist pegged quite early on, but I think there have been a lot of similar plot lines since this beaut was published. So it’s not necessarily the unexpected anymore.

However, what was somewhat unexpected was how the writing style completely floored me. I’d heard only good things about it, and heck, I’d been using it as an example in my essays (just for the record, I didn’t claim to have read it when I quoted from it). But holy banana flaps. The writing is UH MAY ZING.

Speedy review: Shuddering, shivery storytelling. Addictive. Evocative and provoking. A shining example of an unreliable narrator, this book blows apart anything you thought about YA.

If I had one criticism, it’s that I thought the ‘big bad’ that the teens did would have been bigger and badder. I mean, it was BAD, and it certainly was BIG, with terrible consequences. But at the same time, I didn’t quite get on board with the motivation for it.

But that’s it. The rest was pure, goose-pimply perfection. Did I mention the writing is off the chain? This book was such a great fit for me. But what about y’all? Did you love this book as much as I did? Or are you in the ‘this book annoys the shit out of me’ camp?

Concept – 5/5

Plot – 5/5

Ending or Twist – 4/5

Character(s) 5/5

Overall – 5/5

Recommendation time! Here I suggest some “if you liked this, then why not try..?” titles. For your perusal:






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7 thoughts on “We Were Liars by e lockhart: This is the book everyone should read. This one.

  1. LOVED IT! Loved the characters, loved the mystery and the thrills. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. It was pretty slow at the start but like the ending tore me apart. You must be some sort of plot twist magician because I definitely did not see it coming… that’s just me though XD

  2. I loved this book too! The plot twist got me mad shocked because I hadn’t read anything similar beforehand hahaha xx

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