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“Did you intend for that post to be so negative?” – Intentions and Outcomes when writing

Someone asked me ‘did you intend for that post to be so negative?’

Now the post in question is this one.

Normally I wouldn’t write a whole post o

in response to something like this because it’s easily answered person-to-person, and indeed it was.

But it did get me thinking.

How often do we write things that end up different than we intended?

Novel writers for sure will get me when I say that you can start writing a novel INTENDING it to be about one thing, say a stalker ex-boyfriend, and it ends up being a moral based book about fox hunting. (This actually happened to me)

giphy (3)

Nailed it.

What you intend and what you end up with are often two very different things. Did I intend for that post to be negative though?

I suppose, in some way, yes. I had some seriously mixed feelings about those books and so it was only natural that my account would come across a little on the negative side. I’m gonna point out the things that weren’t working for me.

But it isn’t because I didn’t like it, or that I didn’t care. No, quite the contrary. The fact that I spent a long time writing up my grievances (and enjoyment) shows just how much I did actually give a damn.

giphy (4)

The books that frustrate me the most are the ones where I can see how awesome they could be but somehow they didn’t quite fulfill their potential.

But do I ever set out to be INTENTIONALLY negative? Heck no. I don’t want to be negative about any book unless it seriously offended me in some way. But then I probably just wouldn’t talk about it. What is it they say? Bad press is still press.

So is it simply down to the language I use? Quite probably. I would never lie or sugarcoat something and I feel like I am careful in how I word things but perhaps I can be even more thoughtful about my sentence structure.

In this instance the person to ask me if I meant to be so negative was a good friend and they totally got where I was coming from. But do I want people at large to think I’m a Debbie-downer? A grumpy old lady? A witch?

Well, there’s small chance of that. However, I am going to look more closely at my choice of words in future. Doesn’t mean I’m going to change my approach just be more mindful. And that can never be a bad thing, can it?



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