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Reasons why the Study Series by Maria V Snyder is like Game of Thrones… But better!

If you haven’t read Maria Snyder’s Study Series yet then SHAME ON YOU! I can’t recommend it enough. Especially to all you YA fantasy lovers. Perhaps I’m a little biased since this was the series that got me back into reading alllll those years ago. And Valek was my first proper book boyfriend. Le sigh.


So you may or may not know that the latest in the new trilogy for this series has just been released. There were originally three books, and then there was a spin-off with a different main character, but Snyder has gone back to the original crew and brought us full circle and it is FABULOUS.

‘Night Study’ is just as strong as every book to come before it. For me, it feels quite special as me and the protgonist, Yelena, have grown up at roughly the same pace. Weird, huh? There is definitely the sense that with this middle book, there’s a lot of set-up for the big finale. That doesn’t make it any less great, but I feel like we’re waiting for the big BANG!

So, to the task at hand.

While reading Night Study I was, once again, blown away by the author’s ability to weave such a complex plot into the narrative. It’s political, social, interpesonal. It’s addictive and intriguing. And the scale of it reminds me, a little, of Game of Thrones. But you might have heard me say this before; I’m not a big fan of the GoT books. I find them quite dry and often have to skip certain character POVs because SNORE.

giphy (1)

  • The Study Series is told from mulitple perspectives, which is more prevalent for these newest books, but it does not lose the reader in waffle and hard description.
  • It has a battling north and south, as well as threats from ‘un-bannered’ parties. But among those plotting and carrying out acts of war or terrorism, females take a very central part. VERY central. If you’ve read the books, then you’ll know what I mean. *waggles eyebrows* Valek knows what I’m talking about.
  • There is also a conscious effort to squash any macho, ‘men be better’, type attitudes. Again, Valek knows exactly what I’m talking about.
  • Character histories and current affairs are genuinely compelling and often heatwrenching. Yup; Valek, again!
  • Shall we stop beating about the bush and rename this series ‘The Valek Chronicles; he’s bae’?
  • Valek.
  • GoT may be adult fiction, but the Study series can stand its own when it comes to grit and icky situations its characters find themselves in.
  • THE AUTHOR DOES NOT KILL OFF YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS FOR FUNSIES. Breathe, friends, Valek is still with us. For now…

I will recommend this series until the end of days. So go on. Scoot. Get reading.



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8 thoughts on “Reasons why the Study Series by Maria V Snyder is like Game of Thrones… But better!

  1. OMG I laughed so much at all the Valek! I loved him in the first book and I need to get the 2nd book. I have all of the series except the 2nd book, the struggle TT.TT

  2. Ohhh. I’ve been searching for an alternative for GOT and this seems like my thing. You ought to try out Robin Hiobb’s Farseer trilogy. Assasins, intrigue, oracles and dragons! Definitely a read

  3. I was so, so sad when I DNF’d Poison Study last summer. I was just in a bad mood or stressed I think and couldn’t get into it. But I have ever intention of reattempting this summer because it seemed so promising!

    1. Aw. This happens to me. Sometimes I’m just not in the right mood for a book and it just doesn’t click. I think that happened to me with the Throne of Glass series.

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