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On finally catching up with Shadowhunters!

Well, you guys. I made it. I got to the end of episode 3 (although episode 4 will probably be live by the time this post goes out).

Aaaaand… It’s ok.

That’s my verdict: It’s ok.

I read the books a long time ago so I can only really remember the basics, but I like what they’ve done with the overall narrative. It’s inevitable that there would be some changes because book to screen is difficult because some things do not translate well.

But really, what did I think?

Clary – Meh. The hair. I’m not a fan of the hair. It looks weird. But she channels her inner Buffy enough to keep me watching.

Jace – Yeah, he’ll do.

Alec – However! Alec is definitely a keeper. Mmm.

Isabelle – HA! QUEEN! Slay! Yes, mama. I love her.

Simon – If it weren’t for Simon I would have lost my mind with this series in episode one. I love how he says what we’re all thinking. And he’s so FUNNY! I literally Laughed Out Loud at some of his lines.



Valentine – Not how I pictured him in my head at all. He looks more like a bruiser, a geezer, a bit too rough around the edges, you know?

Magnus – Hasn’t had much screen time yet but I really like what they did with his character. I hope he feature more later.

So, what about the script?

Oh dear. It’s as cringe-worthy as I thought it would be, so I wasn’t surprised when my toes curled or my face made that sucking-lemons expression. I mean, I’ve seen worse, but I think it deserves better. It’s a little clunky in places and predictable too. I think it has improved episode to episode, and there are glimmers of a quick wit and intelligence, but then it slips into the cliche and expected again.

But the props are cool, yeah?

Pffft. For me, this was the worst part. Everything else could be forgiven. But those swords? You can screw the bottom off to insert more AA batteries, right? And the witch light… which is ‘cooler than a torch’ but lights up NOTHING. You would be constantly stubbing your toe using that puppy to see in the dark.

…the flying motorbike ride shall not be mentioned.

You didn’t like it then?

I wouldn’t go that far! I enjoyed it. It’s fun and entertaining. It’s cute. And there are moments when everything seems to click into place and it’s fabulous. I just feel like the plot is being bombarded with everything and anything right now. Trying to imagine watching it without any previous knowledge of the books… Would you get lost? I’m not sure this is one for people who weren’t fans to begin with.

It’s definitely got a few teething problems, but I’m hoping it continues to get better as the series goes on.

I know there’s a lot of love for this series so please try not to whale on me too hard, yeah? How are you enjoying the series so far?



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5 thoughts on “On finally catching up with Shadowhunters!

  1. Magnus appears in ep4 and he is fantastic, not quite how I pictured him but I love his interactions with Alec, they’re both so adorable. Tbh if it weren’t for Simon, Alec, and Izzy I would’ve dropped the show at ep2.

  2. More Magnus to come–definitely the highlight of episode 4 for sure! I was fangirling so hard I’m surprised I didn’t hurt myself anytime he appeared on screen šŸ˜›

    I agree with you about the script, it has been improving each week and I’m thankful for that. I knew the show was going to be cheesy when it got picked up by ABC Family/Freeform so I was prepared.

    I think the cast is great. I don’t particularly love Clary–she seems to be more annoying than she was in the books, especially so early on. Alec, Isabelle and Magnus were always my favourite characters and they are FAB! Even Simon has one me over here–he isn’t as dopey as he was in the books.

  3. I agree with you, the script and props are awful! And can they please do something about those portals?! Oh, and Jace, in my opinion, is being too creepy and not enough funny. I will keep watching, though, and hopefully things will get better over time :).

    Yes yes, Alec can stay…

    1. Haha! Alec can stay indeed! I’m glad I’m not the only one to think so šŸ™‚

      Yes, those portals.. LOL! And I think Jace is definitely a bit intense for it being so early on… šŸ˜®

      1. At this point I think I’m mostly laughing at the show rather than with it, but as long as I’m having fun I guess it’s okay. šŸ˜‰

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