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Imaginary Book Releases (#1)


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*I do not own any of the characters, quotes or photography used within this blog series. It’s put together just for fun*


For the first time, experience his thoughts and feelings, straight from the wizard’s mouth. With excerpts taken from newly uncovered journals and documents released from his estate, After all this time documents the pain, the heartache, and the inner workings of a man firmly stuck in ‘that grey area’.


“This isn’t a biography. It’s a love story. Possibly the greatest love story ever told.” – Professor S. Quitinity, author of ‘Muggles Like These’

“…there is a stoicism to it. It’s painful to read, and yet I couldn’t put it down.” – Augustus Fletch, Daily Prophet

“…like witnessing a splitting. Snape cuts himself in half…and we never knew.” – Anon.

How many times can I keep doing this? Each day he steps into my classroom and stands there, it’s her eyes blinking at me. It’s her voice whispering to the Weasley boy, it’s her hands hovering over the textbooks.

I recount the names of the bottles, imagining the store cupboard and building it in my mind, shelf by shelf. The labels flashing by, distracting me from her. But sometimes even boomslang skin and tubeworm isn’t enough. I wonder, will there come a time when I cannot summon any kind of calm from my exercises? How long before that store cupboard becomes my coffin?

And then it works; long exhale and I am myself once more. Hollow, slightly chilled without her, but much more able to breathe, to live. I see the boy’s eyes for what they are; a trial that I must endure.

But then, I suppose, he must endure me also.

Extract taken from Chapter 4, ‘Defence Mechanisms’.

After all this time will be released by Wishful Thinking Press on the 3rd of Never.




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