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Pony Boy – A Red Rising Poem

A poem inspired by Pierce Brown’s Red Rising

Pony Boy

Dream of the dirt, darling.
Soft, hard, packed, pushed in clay.
Sods of soil inhabitable
and then burrow further still,
risk a collapsed tunnel,
a collapsed lung.

Risk and other dangerous games
played in small tubes.
Work the drill
like an angry earthworm.
Holes, black spots
appearing before your very eyes.

This is where the men come
to show their true colours.
And I am as red as my face
when I dream of wild horses,
wild mustangs
kicking up a fresh kind of earth,
uncovering me with golden hooves unshod.

But even so, the hot dust seeps
into the holes I’m making in my skin.
It settles in my throat
and makes a choker
inside, it causes a collapse.

I will die here,

wishing to gorydam equus
to be reborn in her shape

just so I can feel what it’s like to be on top.



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

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