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Talking about THAT cover change

Yes, I mean THAT one. The Winner’s Trilogy cover(s).

I am not afraid to admit that I had a rather knee-jerk reaction to the news. And I will go even further and say that my comments and feelings were entirely selfish.

That phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has no place here. If that rang true with everyone then we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

But the sentiment is in the right place, and I think it’s easy to forget the roots, the reality, of what is underneath a shiny vaneer.

So what do I really think about the cover changes?

In case you haven’t seen it, this is what the old covers look like:




So, the last book hasn’t been released yet… so I was immediately outaged that when it was, and I bought it, it wouldn’t match the other two. And these covers are absolutely beautiful. Eye catching. Fierce. Delectable. I knew as soon as I saw the cover for the first one that I needed that book in my life.

Here’s the make-over the publisher have given them:




Outrage! I was in increduled. How dare- wait.

These covers are GORGEOUS!

After I’d taken a moment to remeber who the fuck I thought I was, I looked at these and fell in love with the series all over again. There are echoes of the previous covers, and I think it’s an intelligent interpretation of the main character, Kestrel.

There has been some talk about why the model had to go from being in a pretty dress to being dirtied up and leather-clad. And sure, I get some of that. The model is fierce in both sets, I think. I do not, however, accept that some kind of message is being touted here about having to wear something more appropriate to be a badass.

For one, we don’t know what will unfold in book 3… and if Kestrel goes down the leather pants and tunic route, then good for her. If she stays in her usual (sickening darling, extravaganza) gowns, then that’s great too. Kestrel is more than her clothes.

And let’s think about the feeling an image can evoke. The first three are very ethereal, beautiful, cunning and deadly. The second three are ethereal, beautiful, cunning and deadly. For different reasons. The original covers are certainly softer, but let’s not kid ourselves, The Winner’s Trilogy is not all fluff and delight. It’s devious, intelligent writing, and it isn’t afraid to play towards the darker side of things.

It’s political. It’s strategic. And despite the exhausting game of thrones (I was desperate to get that in here somewhere) Kestrel still maintains her heart and her feminity. She’s desperately in love, but it doesn’t hinder her in ways that make you want to punch the pages, and she makes tough, ballsy decisions.

Why shouldn’t she have a make-over? Girl needs a fresh perspective, ummkay? And if it helps to reach a wider readership, as the author explained on twitter, then I’m all for it. This series SHOULD reach more people because it is magnificent.

Who cares, really, what they stick on the front? Sure, at first it mattered to me. I like my eyes to be entranced by a pretty cover. But looking at the new set, I tried to imagine I was seeing the series for the first time… and I would have been impressed if these new covers were the originals.

Yeah, ok, so my collection won’t match. But I’m ok with that because I know that what is inside the cover will give so me much more in return.

Marie Rutkoski is an absolute boss. She writes slammin’ stories. And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?



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9 thoughts on “Talking about THAT cover change

  1. I really liked the original covers and do not care for at all the new covers. Perhaps because they remind me a little of the Throne of Glass series covers (and I don’t like that series). But to be fair, I’ve only read part of the first book of this series and couldn’t get into it so I’m not terribly invested in the covers haha. But the reason I even gave the book a try was because of the original cover.

    1. Yes! The original covers are very distinctive, aren’t they? They have me making grabby fingers for the books.. lols. I haven’t read the Throne of Glass series, but I’ve seen the covers, and you’re right. Maybe that’s the direction the publisher is going in? To tap into the readership of that series?

    2. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw them: very Throne of Glass-esque.
      I have to say I enjoy the previous covers more. I like their simplicity and I feel they better reflect the series because of that.
      Regardless, can’t wait for the next one!

    1. My main gripe was that it’s a cover change before the series ends.. so the third book won’t match the other two.. and the originals were quite iconic in my opinion too..

      But I think I’ve made peace with it now (just about.. lols)

  2. I haven’t read the books, and before I do read a synopsis, I wanted to give my judgment of the covers… I love the first publications! They’re elegant, but the implications of why she’s holding a sword makes me even more intrigued to find out. But with the second covers, the model represents a character who I would expect to hold a weapon so I feel like reading it wouldn’t give me many surprises. When I scrolled and saw the second series covers, my mind went quickly to Throne of Glass — I read the first book and that didn’t much impress me, so that’s another reason I wouldn’t want to read these books, in case they were very similar and I ended up disappointed. I can’t help but judge a book by its cover, despite how much I annoy myself by doing it! And with how the publishing industry has been changing the cover art of so many books recently, I’m finding it hard to find anything appealing to read!

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