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I’m joining booktube!

*deep breath*

After much deliberation and some epic filing FAILS, I think I’m finally ready to join the booktube community.

That’s if they’ll have me…

Either way, I’m going to start posting videos to YouTube. I asked myself some questions during this process, and here are my answers. (no one else interviews themselves? I bet you do.)

  1. You have a WordPress blog, why do you want to do YouTube?
    -Good question! I really love blogging, and I think this will be where my heart truly feels at home. But having now finished my MA I have a little more time on my hands and I’ve always been interested in making videos, so I thought I’d give it a try.
  2. Will you have time to do both? Will your WordPress blog suffer?
    -Hell no! The content will remain the same here. What I want to achieve is a kind of coordinated effort where the videos will compliment the content on my blog. I don’t see book reviews featuring too much on my YouTube channel, instead I will expand on a theme or interesting part of a book that I may have discussed briefly when I reviewed it here. And YES! I have the time to do both. I’m going to be making use of the scheduling option on YouTube so I can make a bunch of videos in advance while also allowing for some impromptu videos too.
  3. How often will you upload?
    -I’m aiming for twice a week, but as I’m still learning how it all works, it might be a more reserved once a week (ish) until I find my feet.
  4. If you’re not doing reviews, then what will you be talking about?
    -I’m really interested in doing discussion videos, as well as taking the opportunity to be more personable. I think filming will allow me to show ‘me’ much more successfully. For example, I have a plan for a few videos exploring ‘Harry Potter and Me’ (or something, title TBD) where I’ll talk about how the Potterverse shaped and changed my life.
    Also, I’ll be doing book hauls, bookshelf tours, tags and bookish trips via video. These are much more visual things that I think will work better captured on camera. I’ll be talking about my writing life too, but mostly that will be reserved for the blog.
  5. What if you get no watches/subscribers?
    -Ah well. Never mind. I don’t write on this blog for followers or page views, the same way I don’t write novels with only money and success in mind. These things are important, but they don’t matter. I write and read, and now film things, because I want to. I want to make videos because I have something to say, and if others want to come along for the ride? That’s great.
  6. What will you be called?
    -I’m keeping things simple and true. I’ll still be ‘BehindOnBooks’. It should be live and ready for the first uploads. You can find it here.

  7. Are you a Booktube fan then?
    -Yes and no. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t watched a MASSIVE amount of videos in the past, but with my pending launch into the booktube world I’ve been getting into it a lot more. It’s gorydamn addictive! For real! I’m enjoying exploring different channels.
  8. When do you officially launch?
    -December 1st, all being well! I’m making sure that I have some content saved and scheduled as back up before I kick off. I know from blogging that having a safety net of posts is such a relief when you have a bad/busy week (or month).

What do you think? Am I crazy? I’d love it if y’all would check out my channel when it officially goes live, but if YouTube isn’t your thing, no worries. I’m still going to be creepin’ around the blogs. 😀




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