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#NaNoWriMo …are you hanging in there?

Some people rush towards that 50k finish line like a champ. I mean, sometimes it can be as though you’re watching a professional athlete compete in a primary school sport’s day.

I’m not saying any of us left behind are inferior or immature or any less capable of finishing this marathon… But some people must wear holes in their keyboards. Seriously, do the buttons melt?

I don’t harbour any kind of bad feelings or anything like that towards those that in the first week announce “I’VE JUST REACHED 30k WOO!”

{FranceEditions} - (35)

*sharpens knives and mutters*

Seriously though, it’s ok to feel like you’re being left in the dust. You know what you gotta do? Chew the dust. Taste it. That’s not what failure tastes like. That’s the taste of ‘other’. You are not that person that can sit and bang out ten thou in a day. But you are the person that can write something.

I fall into the trap of looking at other people’s word counts and despairing that I’m nowhere near that amount, nor will I be any time soon. But what I do have is some words. I’m actually proud to be on par every day. Sometimes I’m a little over, and some days I’m a teeny bit under. It balances out.

But one thing is for sure; no one can do you like you can. There is not one writer who can say they write exactly the same as another. It just can’t happen. We’re all beautifully flawed and fantastic individuals that have our own ways of working, and ways of coping, and ways of being FABULOUS!

I said to myself early on that if I was going to do this thing, this wonderful scary hard thing, of writing a novel in a month, then I need to pace myself. And I need to make the time.

I wanted to write without sacrificing too much. So I go to work. I still write and then schedule them blog posts. And I’m still looking after my responsibilities at home. Instead I have made sure to have dinner a little earlier before work so I can write. Or I’ll daydream about a chapter all day so that when I have the time to write I’m full of wacky ideas to throw at the page. I’ve stopped binge-watching my favourite TV shows on Netflix (for now.. I miss you.. *strokes television). I’ve limited my time on Call of Duty by firmly declaring to myself that I’ll only play 3 matches and then come off.

[PrettyLadySwag] (37)

And then those notifications start popping up ‘I’VE JUST DONE 5k IN FIVE MINUTES!’

Alright, so that’s not possible. And if it was, I’d want to meet that person to make sure they weren’t an alien. But when I start comparing myself to others I start feeling like I’m not doing enough and I feel ashamed that I haven’t pushed myself more.

Stop. This is nonsense bullshit. 

If you are like me and you do this then stop.

Either remove/mute the feeds likely to do this. Or start reminding yourself that you are only human. But that you are an awesome human that is capable of finishing this thing, regardless of the end word count.

emesalvatore (49)

Repeat after me: “I am a special kind of unicorn-human hybrid that not only writes, but sashays through NaNoWriMo with great amounts of glitter and self-love.”

Who cares about the word count? What you’ve got is some words that didn’t exist before. And that is pretty darn great.

But if you want to tell me your mega huge word counts because you’ve got all that to be proud of and more, then please do. I can handle it. Promise.




YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

2 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo …are you hanging in there?

  1. This is such an I spiriting post! I am basically hanging on to NaNoWriMo buy a paper thin thread. But I’m hanging! I am currently down by around 7,000 words because I feel asleep before I could get an adequate amount of words yesterday. I will conquer NaNo! It’s the weekends now so I am aiming for 10,000 words!

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