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Review: Sunkissed by Jenny McLachlan

Wanderlust. Romance. Wit.

Jenny McLachlan has been on my radar since I met her at Winchester Writer’s Festival last year. She signed my copy of Flirty Dancing which was great and it was really interesting to hear about her journey to getting published. But I have a rule about signed copies- I won’t ruin them by reading them (and thus breaking the spines and folding the pages etc).

And I never got around to buying a second copy, so her books remained on my ‘wish list’. However, the lovely people at Maximum Pop! Books chose me to review her latest book Sunkissed.

Reading the blurb I had a hunch that this was going to be a fun book. And by golly! It is!

A summer holiday romance in a beautiful setting with a, shall we say ‘reluctant’, protagonist who has a love for shoes that I can honestly appreciate. What’s not to like?

The narrative is witty and full of moments that will make you cringe with embarassment and also make your heart swell. The characters are so vibrant and the romance so sweet. There’s something about McLachlan’s writing that reminds of authors like Non Pratt.. The realness of the situations mixed with a bit of a dream, you know? Like, it’s totally believable (and relatable because man alive have I ended up in some similarly embarassing siturations) and yet it still manages to whisk you away.

It’s damn good storytelling. The narrative moves through phases of soft and serious so effortlessly and I often found myself sighing wistfully at some of the lines.

“It’s like phosphorescence:

too amazing to believe and impossible to hold on to.”

For me, the best part of this book is the setting. The locations gave me a bad case of wanderlust. I wanted to pack my rucksack and head off to somewhere unknown for the summer. And that’s also what this is- the perfect summer read. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be as much fun in the winter… but there’s something about reading a book like this on the beach or in your back garden with the sun warming your skin.. it adds a certain magic to it.

Sunkissed is equal parts hilarious and moving. It’s a page turner, no doubt about that.

Concept – 4/5

Plot – 3.5/5

Ending or Twist – 3/5

Character(s) 4/5

Overall – 3.5/5

(Received from Maximum Pop! Books for an honest review. You can also read my mini review on their site)


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