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Review: Remix by Non Pratt

Nostalgic. Sweet. Real.

 It’s like a rite of passage that evolves into a yearly pilgrimage.

The festival bug does not discriminate. You may say you hate mud, camping, being outdoors, crowds, fun… But there is nothing like a festival to turn you into someone you didn’t know you could be. It’s freedom. It’s music. Or in my case, ROCK AND F’CKIN’ ROLL!

Each year I make my way up to Download Festival at Donington regardless of the dodgy weather forecasts or the anxiety of getting a good pitch for my (effortlessly pop-up four man) tent. I know there will be a lot of walking and a lot of cider consumed.

Other likelihoods: you’ll fall out with someone. You’ll lose someone. You’ll get pushed around in a mosh pit. You’ll ache in places you didn’t know you had. You’ll spend too much money. You’ll receive free hugs from strangers. Sunburn. Noodles. More cider.

Non Pratt’s ‘Remix’ manages to capture the very essence of festival going. All of it- the crazy highs and sucky lows. The group drama and solo woes. It even includes that one even that you know no one will believe happened when you get home… but it makes one heck of a memory with those that were there.

This is a dual POV story…

I’m not a massive fan of this method. But good writing is good writing, and I found Kaz and Ruby had distinctive voices and very different motives. I think I warmed more to Ruby; her inner sensitivity was something that I could really relate to.

The romance in this book embraces the nature of teen love whole heartedly. It’s as simple as it is complex. Both sensible and desperate. Real and fantastic. It can be sweet, and it can also suck. I also really liked the way Kaz handled her new love interest. That was cool.

If you liked Lobsters or Sunkissed, then you’ll probably like this too. There’s not much not to like about Remix. It’s a whole lotta fun!

Concept – 4/5

Plot – 4/5

Ending or Twist – 3.5/5

Character(s) 4/5

Overall – 4/5

(Borrowed from my local library. Opinions borrowed from no one.)




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