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Cornish YA at Waterstones Truro

Oh my.

It’s really something special when an event like this happens in my neck of the woods. I mean, I do enjoy travelling, especially if it’s to a bookish event. But it’s so nice to have an event just down the road too.

It’s easy to feel forgotten or written off living in the Westcountry. Sure, when you tell people ‘oh I live on the Cornish/Devon border’ you often get a wistful sigh and glassy eyed response. Because it isΒ such a beautiful place to live, darling.Β 

It is. Most definitely. But it is so much more than a literary romantic dream. Living is just different down here; both good, and (rarely) bad.

There are, however, a stunning group of YA authors that are putting ‘Cornish YA’ firmly on the map. The Westcountry has such a wealth of history and folklore it should be a writer’s goldmine. I love Poldark… But we are more than a beautiful man on a beautiful horse!

What was also so special about this event at Waterstones Truro is that I have read and loved these books… So meeting the authors was a real fangirl moment.


My good friend Sarah works at the Waterstones in question so I made sure she was there to chaperone me. I’m such a mess when it comes to meeting authors… There’s usually so much I want to ask, but I invariably lose my cool and either jam a book in their faces to sign and then skuttle away, or I will say/ask the most nutty things. (Please see my YALC post where I feel like I assaulted Dawn Kurtagich for a photo of a her shoes…)

It was quiet. But then, we were there early. When they arrived and got set up (with sweets and cake… because sugar was a great idea for someone who is already buzzing with excited energy… DAMN YOU HARIBO!!) I let my friend Sarah do the talking. She’s good at that.

She took that photo of us all (above) which I later told her off for not telling me to stand up straight. I’m in serious hunchback hobbit mode. Stupid posture. And then she kind of melted away and left me to start thrusting books at the appropriate people.

It was so lovely to talk to Lu Hersey and Anna McKerrow before the others arrived. Plenty of bookish and writerly related questions and they answered them all with a genuine interest and patience. Liz Kessler was such a pro, I mean, she just had this real presence and I was really gutted that I forget my copy of Read Me Like A Book for her to sign.


My real regret is not getting the chance to really talk to Joanna Nadin. See, when Lisa Glass turned up I plonked myself in a seat next to her and I just could not stop talking about Blue and Air. (I’m putting up posts about them soon.. promise! I’m still catching up!) She was so fantastic, and again, so patient with my questions and musings about setting, Zeke, the musical influences, Zeke, plot musings, surfing, Zeke… Zeke… Zeke.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to seek out my friend Sarah and offski. If you haven’t heard of, or read any of these books then I would strongly recommend them all. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve met the authors!


Waterstones Truro, you’re awesome. Seriously.


YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

6 thoughts on “Cornish YA at Waterstones Truro

  1. That sounds like a fun afternoon! I laughed when you talked about fangirling – I have done the same! All cool and ready with provocative questions and deep thoughts… And I end up giggling and babbling like a 3 year old! πŸ™‚

    1. Well, you’ll be surfing and I’ll be mostly chinning my board. But! It would be awesome fun! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re awesome *thumbs*

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