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All change here please!

So I’ve finally (FINALLY) changed my url to match the blog. I can’t even begin to understand why I didn’t do this when I first started blogging… But there are a lot of things we do when we first start that in hindsight seem utterly ridiculous.

For instance, I used to make it a necessary part of my blogging process to spend hours and hours making bookish ensembles on Polyvore. Seriously, HOURS!ย a-sonrix (30)

Am I right?

As in most things that you do, whether that be a hobby or life as a whole, you change. You get better, or maybe worse. You start liking different things and stances towards the way you operate and function as a person can evolve.

I was feeling increasingly more frustrated with my blog because I felt like it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I started a separate blog (hell, I think I’ve had five different blogs over the last year) but this only led me to feel more fragmented and less like I was getting it right.

One thing that remained was ‘behind on books’. This still captured much of what I stand for as a reader, and I guess, in a strange way, as a writer too.

Behind on Books (or ‘A Bit Behind on Books’ as it was originally created) was born out of that feeling of forever being the last to read something. Like you were left out, or that you missed something because you still hadn’t got around to doing that thing that everyone else was doing.

In my case, this was books. Both reading them, and writing them. Even now, as I’m nearly finished with this round of edits, I feel like I’m behind schedule, and in some cases this means that I’ve probably missed out on some really good opportunities for my writing.

But then I sit back, remember to breathe, and also remember that timing really is everything. You can’t rush it, the same way you can’t really rush reading a book. Deadlines are important, and sure, you can speed read it, and if it has to be read for an exam forget reading it altogether and hit up Wikipedia like it’s going out of fashion. (I am in no way responsible for any failed examinations because you actually followed that advice. Idiot.)

a-sonrix (77)

The answer to my funk was so simple I wanted to hit myself, right in the face.

Total blog refurbishment.

But damn, that’s scary. You lose readers. You lose some rep. You lose, you lose, you lose.

Through all the losing though, I also felt like I was winning.


So here I am, back in business and all that jazz. And it feels good.

What do y’all think of the refurb? Let me know in the comments.




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