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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Will Probably Never Read


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Oh dear. This is a little damning, isn’t it? But there are some books that I WANT to read, but I know, in my heart of hearts, that I will probably never get around to doing the actual reading.

Some are classics, and dude, we all need to brush up on our Classic reading, right? (no? Just me?) But for things like The Hunger Games? I have no excuse… I’ve had the books for nearly three years now, but I still can’t tempt myself to read them. *sigh*

Are any of these on your list?



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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Will Probably Never Read

  1. The LOTR books are this, for me. I keep thinking I should read them, but they just look so long that I just can’t bring myself to get started. Ditto for A Song Of Ice And Fire.

    1. I’m sure it is. I’ve only heard good things! But every time I mean to read it.. I read something else xD

    1. No doubt! I’ve heard it’s very good. I just keep picking it up and putting it down for ‘later’.. but ‘later’ never happens xD

      It’s just one of those things.

  2. No Hunger Games?! Too hyped for you? I will say that I read them before the movies came out and based on just the description I thought they sounded uninteresting. But they really are so good. Everyone in my family has read them. They’re easy reads too. I read the first book in a day.

    1. I know. It’s terrible isn’t it. I mean, I’ve got them all.. I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. Maybe in the summer when I’m done with my studies.. but then again, I said that last year xD

  3. I was having trouble thinking of books, Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe and Life of Pi would have been great additions to my list! I am never reading those books. Glad to see I am not alone in The Hunger Games!

  4. Classics are always my downfall. I bought a copy of The Great Gatsby last year knowing that its got a great story and morals… buuut a year on it’s still sitting on my shelf. Lord of the Rings is another one. I read the first page and just couldn’t get through it. Plus it’s just so long.

    1. Yeah, classics are usually my downfall too. I mean well by buying them… but… they end up growing dust.

      I love the great gatsby! It’s very good 🙂

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