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April 2015 Round-Up

Well, April was busier than I thought it would be.

It was one of those months that I assumed would be full of dossing around and lots of reading. WRONG!

I started with good intentions. I was getting stuck in to CampNaNoWriMo and things were going well… and then I went to London Book Fair and everything got a little crazy.

You can read the article I wrote about the Sally Green ‘Dark Arts’ panel on the Hoddercape website. Yup, I managed to wriggle myself onto there which is very exciting!

Aaaand then it was suddenly one week until hand in. Oh. My. Gods. Yeah, I severely underestimated my word count.. as in, I put all the bits and pieces together and it was over a thousand words from where I needed it to be. Oops. It came right in the end, of course. But I never want to feel like that again (like my stomach had dropped out of my arse, if you must know).

More news: I became the literature contributor for which is a lot of fun!

But all this excitement meant not a lot of books were read! Sad times! Serious sad times. I’ve found a link between the amount of books I read and the amount of words I write of my own stuff, so my output has been measly.

So what did I actually read?

I haven’t quite finished The Happiness Project, but I’m literally a few pages away, so I’m counting it… I need the numbers! HA!

The Dark Light and Hidden Huntress won’t have reviews until closer to the pub date but the others are already up or will be live soon.

And hey! I joined Vine. Why? Because… fun.

I don’t feel like I’ve been connecting to y’all and your blogs very well this month, but please please PLEASE link me to a favourite blog post of yours, or something you think I should read, or whatever, and I’ll head straight on over. Deal? x



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