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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Feature Characters Who Shocked Me!



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So this week was a ‘fill the blank’: Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who _______

Shocked Me.

Here I’ve chosen to feature characters that have left me agog, aghast, astonished. Characters that have fooled me all along and then POW! They reveal something that I couldn’t have guessed, or that I had an incline about but didn’t really think it would come off. Characters that go above and beyond. Or choose the path less trodden.

I’m not sure I’ll make it to ten, but here we go:

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No list is ever complete without me wanging on about how much I love Haas and her ‘Dangerous’ books. But I think for this list Girls definitely meets my requirements. The character of Anna completely blindsided me. The ending of this book left me breathless. Shocking. Disturbing. Gorgeous.






Oh my days. This series has me by the throat. In a chokehold. I’m attached to it whether I like it or not (and I like it. I like it a lot). But Roque in this book… oh my days. If I weren’t made of stone I would have cried. I had a lump in my throat, my mouth was open in disbelief and I kept praying it was all a dream and it wasn’t really happening. But it was. Gods. It’s gorydamn upsetting! Bravo Mr Brown, you got me good. *sniffles*






Yup. She got me. Mara got me. This I had an incline about, but the way the end of this series ties everything together is magical. Hodkin is a real talented writer. But more than just the end, I found Mara’s decisions throughout the series to be consistently shocking! It really keeps you on your toes!









Perhaps the ‘shock’ here is more subtle. But I found Faythe’s character kept me on tenterhooks. She made decisions that I didn’t necessarily agree with but that made her all the more human. But JEEZ she kept me guessing right up to the last few pages of the last book! Dammit woman! Her final ‘decision’ shocked me because I was so sure she’d go one way… and then she went the other! Relief!




12106940 (1)I had to include Miss Sookie Stackhouse because I rooted for her throughout the whole of this series. Bill, Eric, Alcide, will they? Won’t they? Fae, vampires, werewolves… oh my!

And then the last book rolls around and I remember finishing it and then staring at the back cover for ages like ‘what the hell was that?’

I didn’t see it coming. At all. Sookie shocked the hell out of me with her final decision. And I wasn’t a happy camper. I can appreciate where Harris is coming from with it as an overall message, but it didn’t satisfy my inner reader at all.



Hoi. Well I made it to five! Party!

I ended up not forcing this list to ten because there were a lot of books that could have been included but they weren’t ‘shocking’ on the same scale as those listed. Huh. This was a tough one!



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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Feature Characters Who Shocked Me!

    1. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while.. if only for the way it stayed with me long after I’d finished it.

  1. I knew Dangerous Girls had to be in this list! I’m always happy to see other people have finished the Sokkie Stackhouse series. The last several books were hard for me to get through. I was ok with silkies choice, though.

    1. They did start to use their sharp sparkle towards the end methinks. Still very good reads! But not as exciting as they were in the beginning.

      Ha! I try and sneak Dangerous Girls on EVERY list. xD

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