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Judgin’ a book by its cover: ‘decapitate them, to relate’

So this is a post about Nearly Headless Nick.. heh.

Naw, this week I’m looking at some of the ‘headless’ covers that really work.

You know the ones, the model on the front in a certain pose.. but we can’t see their face. Why? Because as a reader we’re supposed to relate. The point is that it’s US in the story, not whoever they slap on the front cover.

Oh, the possibilities! Below are some of my favourites; I’ll be listing ‘fails’ in a different post.

15777621 I have a real soft spot for this book, to the point that I still haven’t been able to get my thoughts together on it enough to write a proper review. I’m trying!

I think this cover does all it needs to do.

The font is simple, but the added ‘red’ letters spelling ‘love’ area  cute touch (even if, in hindsight, it doesn’t quite hit the mark in regards to the story) and I like the smaller details on the model.

It helps that I have a pair of gold headphones… THAT COULD BE ME!

As an aside: Does anyone else struggle to wear glasses and headphones at the same time?




11408650You get two headless mdoels for the price of one here! WINNING!

Again, maybe the metaphor here only makes sense once you’ve started reading the series (cos hell, I drowned in confusion! Still really enjoyed it.. but jeez, throw me a life jacket!)

I like how this says ‘I’ll describe myself in the form of a contemporary dance, underwater’.

It made me want it. And so I got it. Marketing strategy was a success.






17926775Again, WINNING! I want to be her.

There is so much to like on this cover. There is an acute attention to detail that I truly admire. It sings fantasy (ironic! If you’ve read it, you’ll get what I mean) and promises so much.

And what dya know? The narrative delivers everything it said on the tin!

I miss Strange Chemistry books…







12924275Ooh. Oh. Oooh.

Sorry. I had to have a private moment there.

The art and design on this cover is right up my street. It’s the black and red. The ‘Madam Red’ from Black Butler vibe. Satin. Parasol. Long gloves.

I want it.

I want it all. Now. Gimme.

I haven’t actually read this book yet, but I have it. Because, duh!






What do you think? What other books would you add?



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2 thoughts on “Judgin’ a book by its cover: ‘decapitate them, to relate’

  1. Personally I prefer covers where I can’t see exactly what the characters look like – a hint is enough. This is not necessarily because I can or want to relate to the characters, but because I like it when my imagination conjures an image from the descriptions in the book. The covers in this post are great!

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