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Judgin’ a book by its cover: ‘Dangerous Girls, dodgy covers’

So, if you’ve been following my blog, firstly, THANK YOU. Secondly, you’ll probably have heard me wanging on about Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas. I had a lot of love for ‘Girls, as well.

I am glad, however, to have had access to the current UK cover, rather than some of the ones that are hanging around other territories.

It’s a beautiful transformation. Look:


Hardcover, Simon Pulse 2013

Hoi. I dunno. I LIKE this cover, but the handcuffs buried in the sand with a flower.. I’m just confused. And left feeling like this might be some beachy romantic aloha bondage story. No? Just me? I just don’t think this captures the ‘dangerous’ part of the title.. nor does it do justice to the HOLY MIND FUCK that occurs within the pages.


eBook, Simon Pulse 2013

I actually like what this can insinuate, especially after reading the book. In hindsight this cover works wonders. But trying to imagine I haven’t read it yet and I’m still veering towards wistful romance. I like it much more than the hardback cover, that’s for sure.

17623143 (2)

 Paperback, Simon and Schuster UK 2013

I am all over this like a rash. I don’t need the sand, or the half of a teenage girl flopping across the front. All I need is the tone, and the tone is so on point here it hurts! Ha! It’s edgy, it’s cool and it makes me want it. This is so YES!


Hardcover, Fontein 2014

BONUS COVER: I threw this one in for fun. It’s the Dutch version and I think this makes a pretty good job of interpreting both the title and the actual story. That said, there is something a little too ‘indie’ about it, you know? Can you see what I mean? A little too much ‘insert text box’?

Which do you like the most?



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