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Judgin’ a book by it’s cover: ‘keep it simple’

Keep it simple, stupid!

I have a real love of cover art for books. I think when it’s done right it takes the whole experience of choosing, buying and reading a book to a whole new level. Maybe it’s just me, but if I don’t like the cover then I can be reluctant to read the book, it can even change how I feel about a read.

To me, a cover is like a book’s calling card. First impressions matter!

So I thought I’d start a series of posts about book covers, exploring different things that I like or don’t like.

Starting off with ‘simple’ covers. These are the covers that don’t do much other than tell you the title.. but somehow, through the perfect single image or colour, can create a tone and mood that makes my fingers itch to hold it (stroke it, touch it inappropriately). They don’t have peoples on them, or anything too detailed.

For the following covers I applaud the team that brought them into the world.

Keepin’ it simple:

20517739I really enjoyed what was on the INSIDE of this cover too. The pages themselves were written with such an exciting and enviable finesse.

But the cover.

It’s so simple, and yet… It says so much, I think.

The pink is pretty, and made me instantly think there would be a strong female presence (thanks to gender conventions.. but that’s a conversation for another time, seriously).

The rope lights.. again, pretty. But there’s something both beautiful and a little bit edgy about it. Do you see that too? Or is it just because of the tag line.. I’m not sure.

Everything about this cover works.



19732381 (1)Β Much like Far From You, this book keeps it simple.

It’s pretty, it’s sparkly.. and still has an element about it that seems to be saying ‘don’t feed the animals… you might lose a hand.’

It’s like when you play with sparklers on bonfire night.

There’s the pink again, too, and like the above cover, it made me think there would be a good female presence in the narrative (this is before I read the blurb etc.)

Also, like above, it was impressive INSIDE the cover too.





15839976Keep it simple, stupid! This book kept to the brief!

The red says ‘I might be a little dangerous, there’s something within my pages that you should be warned about. I’m red, man. I’m so red.’

And it is!

The wing logo… it’s such an evocative symbol. Iconic.

And with the black in the background, the title just POPS!

Book’s 2 and 3 are just as compelling.







This series of ‘re-covers’ were a triumph. Those responsible for the (very necessary) re-vamp of Perkins’ books should allow themselves to look smug for a century.

The old covers wouldn’t have made me pick this book up. At all. I wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole, and that’s unfair to the wonderful fluffy fuzzy gooey feeling that the writing made me feel (once I did buy them. This version. Because I’m shallow)

Pink, again. But I like pink. It’s a lickable (that’s right, I want to lick it) colour, and coupled with the simple silhouette of Paris? Tres romantique! C’est magnifique! Tres bien.






Pretty, pretty swirly pattern!

The font is badass and you know from the illustrated castle type scene at the bottom that this is going to be fantasy, and it is going to ROCK!

I think the design here compliments the title perfectly and the colours are on point; much like Red Rising, it says that this book is going to be action based. Stuff will happen, and it will probably be bad, but all the more for the hero(ine) to triumph over!

Bardugo’s writing style is beautiful, and it stands out and it’s fitting that it would have a cover to match.



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12 thoughts on “Judgin’ a book by it’s cover: ‘keep it simple’

  1. Simple covers are my favourite covers! And you’re so right about the Stephanie Perkins cover change. I actually did read Anna and Lola before the change, but it was a really close call. Despite the raving reviews I hesitated to pick them up for so long. I really can’t stand covers with real people on them! (though there are some exceptions)

    1. I can be put off by real people on a cover too! like you say, there are some exceptions.. but I think it’s hard to get it right.

      1. When I think about it, I generally think it’s okay with real humans as long as you don’t see the face in too great detail (I love the covers of Everything leads to you and Since you’ve been gone, for example), but I definitely prefer illustrated covers. πŸ™‚

      2. Yes! I make this point in another post. If they’ve been decapitated, it’s generally more acceptable! xD

  2. Great post idea. It’s really interesting to see those covers and hear your thoughts about them. πŸ™‚ I love the design and typography of the last cover.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚

      I thought it was about time I turn my obsession with cover art into something semi-productive. Or, at least, rant about it online! HA!

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