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Review: Three Brothers by Nicole Williams


I fell in love with the cover. Not gonna lie. The cover sold this book to me, literally. (the blurb is MASSIVE! Read it on Goodreads rather than me taking up a page of space)

I very quickly felt like there was something lacking in the narrative itself. It was easy to read, but I wanted more from it.

What worked?

Concept – I like the concept of this book. The homecoming, the potential for awkwardness and resurrecting old memories. The tangle of relationships and how they might work after so long. I was intrigued how it would all play out.

Beginning – I enjoyed how this started. The initial conflict Scout feels on arriving was well gauged and I thought the setting was set up in a good way.

Conn – His character interested me. No one is an ass like that without a reason, and if they are? Well hell, I’m still interested. Ha!

Setting – A gorgeous setting. And I loved the horses. *the spirit of an inner horse-mad child smiles*

What didn’t work?

Scout – I couldn’t get a fix on her. She comes across level headed and sorted in one line, and then ruins it all the next. I couldn’t get a feel for her character. She lacked any real vibrancy. Actually, to be fair, she had real zing in the beginning, but she quickly faded to beige, unfortunately.

Conn – Again. Because he turned out to be completely expendable. He creates no real conflict and is conveniently removed at the end, allowing for an easy HEA. I didn’t like his big ‘reveal’ either, or more, the truth about him and Scout. It all seemed too… convenient. (I’m gonna keep using that word) Like, if he wasn’t in this book at all, the overall story wouldn’t have suffered his loss.

Pain – Chance gets thrown from his horse, is kicked by said horse, and drags his sorry ass back to his house. Ribs are surely broken, but even if they are only bruised there is no way he then makes the beast with two backs with his bae. No way. Not without morphine. He felt better too fast and I just couldn’t believe it. That man needed a doctor.



It was an easy read, but the narrative was thick with repetition and a lot of ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’. I felt like I spent too much time in Scout’s thoughts and that grew a bit claustrophobic. There was too much ‘convenience’ plotting for my liking too. But it’s a sweet romance and I can understand why people may enjoy this book. I didn’t not enjoy it, but I felt like the story was, as a whole, underdeveloped. I gave it 2 out of 5.



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