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Top Ten Tuesday: All Time (recent) Faves


So it’s kinda contradicting itself.. all time favourites of the last three years. But hell. Let’s roll with it.


Ooh, ok. So this gallery style makes that last one REALLY big. Lols. I’m keeping it.

So basically, I scrolled through my Goodreads and picked out those books from the last year or so that gripped me. And I mean completely entranced. Those books that left me punch-drunk in love with them.

For instance, The King by J R Ward. I stayed up to midnight to have this on my kindle the MOMENT it was released. I then stayed up until gone 4am to read it all.

Red Rising.. do I even need to go there? I can’t stop harping on about this series. I LOVE IT.

Ten Tiny Breaths had to go on this list because it gave me hope during a summer of disappointments in the New Adult category. K A Tucker is an NA boss!

I could read any of these again, which coming from someone who doesn’t re-read books, ever, means a lot.

Wasson your list?



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