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Mini Reviews: The Forever Watch, Lockstep, Forever One,

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I just don’t review a book I’ve read. I’m trying to change that. I mean, sometimes it’s because life (the universe and everything) gets in the way, sometimes it’s because a book didn’t leave a lasting impression on me, and sometimes, just sometimes, I’m lazy.

Shocking. I know.

But I’m trying to change that. I’ve already talked about my efforts to bring this change about in another post.

I think for some titles I simply don’t feel like I have enough to say to justify giving it a whole post of its own. So I’m going to club together some books and do mini reviews. They will still contain my honest opinion, but it might not be as in depth as I usually like to go.



The Forever Watch by David Ramirez

An imposing start. I enjoyed the world building and how entrenched you become in the science of it, in the tech. This feels like real good-bones SF.

Unfortunately, I struggled a little with the pace of things. Or more, how the internal dialogue of the protagonist seemed to take over and prattle on.. and on.. a bit too much for my reading preferences.

Wicked cover. Cool concept. Nice work with the world building.

I ended up giving it a 3 out of 5 because I was left feeling torn over what I really wanted from the book, if that makes sense?

For hardcore, tech SF fans. (GREAT cover art!)



Lockstep by Karl Schroeder

Again, SF. And again, I really enjoyed the world building. I was taken in by the concept of hibernation, living for a month, hibernation. I love sleep, so hell, I’m down with that! HA!

I think my main problem with this book was that I just wasn’t feeling the characters. I liked them enough, but I didn’t feel anything for them. And that made me sad because as I say, the world building is stellar.

The writing is engaging and appealing, but ultimately I couldn’t connect with the characters, and that led me to give it a 3.5 out of 5. (And again, WICKED cover art!)





Forever One by L. F. Hampton

Kinda SF? But, uh, yeah. I’m not really sure this book was for me at all. I mean, I went into this under no illusions. But I was still made to feel a little uncomfortable by the scenario (to say the least!)

It’s sort of incestuous.

And I just wasn’t down with that aspect of it at all. I also felt conflicted over who the target audience for this might be. At times it could have been easily placed in YA.. and then it switches and crosses over into NA erotica type stuff.. and then I’m just confused!

I gave it 1 star because it simply wasn’t my cup of tea.



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