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ARC: Promise Me (Alexa Reed #3) by Hilary Wynne



Promise Me by Hilary Wynne

I received an ARC of this and it felt like Christmas.

But I was also a little scared.

I mean, I’ve been loving on this series ever since I read the first book. So, I was a little scared about how I would feel. I mean, there’s something about Wynne’s writing that turns me into an emotional wreck!

What really worked for me?

Alexa – She’s seriously got her shit together in this book. She’s strong, sure and so much more in control of things than in the previous books. And I love that we’ve watched her grow into this person. That doesn’t mean we’re without any ‘Alexa’ moments. She’s a crazy bean and I love her for it. I think part of her appeal as a protagonist is that she reacts in ways that I can relate to.

Julian – Ah, me! My heart broke for him in the second book. But in this book I wanted to bash him upside his head! Alright, I understand his change in character, but gawd it was painful to experience with Alexa sometimes. But I really liked that. I loved the switch up. Julian is hot mess! HA! It comes right though. He gets there.

HEA – We knew this was gonna happen. I mean, Alexa and Julian were gonna always be ‘epic’, it was just a case of getting there. The ending of this book made me melt in ways I didn’t think I could. I was swelling with so much love and sweetness that I thought I might explode, and after how raw the earlier narrative made me feel, I was so relieved. But that’s not to say that it’s all plain sailing from here though, eh?

Luke – He was the real elephant in the room, eh? And I was on tenterhooks, waiting for the moment the bomb dropped. I knew it was going to be bad, but I couldn’t predict how Julian would react. And wow. I think Luke himself redeems his character a little towards the end, but wow. The aftermath of that revelation is painful and I was nearly (nearly, because I’m made of stone) in tears.


An explosive, emotional, heart wrenching read. One that made me deflate and then swell. I was exhilarated and exhausted by the time I finished up! Ha!

Julian Bauer though… That man broke me heart and then carefully sewed it back together in the shape of his face.

There’s still enough shoe porn to keep me more than satisfied, and there are plenty of hawt scenes too.

It will take a lot to top that first scene of Julian and Alexa in the corridor (yeah, you know the one) but I love this book for the sense of wholeness I felt when I finished it. It felt right. It felt complete. I’m just sad I have to let go of them again… *sobs* Can I has book 4 now plz? kthnxbai.

An easy 5 out of 5. Love love love. 



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