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ARC: Shadow Study by Maria V Snyder

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Shadow Study by Maria V Snyder (Jan/Feb 2015) received with much thanks from the publishers via NetGalley

Holy hell. Where do I begin? Seriously. This book is one of those that I waited with baited breath to see if I was approved. And then when I was I was scared to start it!

I mean, let’s look at this way: This series was what got me back into reading again. And this was a huge thing. It effectively changed my life.

So coming back to these characters after so long was like returning home. It felt so good.

We’re given three POVs in Shadow Study:

Yelena – Is the same plucky character I remembered. She’s a fierce, yet sensitive, person. And I loved that both of these sides were truly tested in this book. The only POV in the first person and I like that, it gives me a certain connection to her. Having the other two tell their POV in the third person gives a certain degree of separation which is healthy. If it were all in the first person I think it would become too claustrophobic.

I also found it really sweet, and strangely moving, that Yelena is the same age as me in this book. *wells up*

Valek – Oh Valek. My first book boyfriend. I shall love him until my last, dying breath. He does not disappoint here. I think what’s really interesting, and so touching, is seeing how Yelena has changed him. I wanted to hug him (ok, if I’m honest, I wanted to do more than just hug him.. but I’ll settle..) Whenever he adds ‘love’ on the end of a sentence, I swoon. Hard.

Janco – He’s like the comic relief. Whenever we’re seeing things from his POV the writing comes alive with real wit and spark and that’s so much fun.


As per usual the plot is thick and twisty and pings off in directions you couldn’t have predicted.

…even if I did predict that one thing happening. Yeah, you know the one. *waggles eyebrows*

I was on that sucker from the first few pages and I had to wait through nearly the whole book to have my theory validated. But still.. *hi five*

Anyone that has been a fan of the Yelena/Valek ship (I SHIP THEM SO HARD) will love this book. Equally, anyone that has enjoyed the Glass series, or any of Snyder’s other works, will also enjoy this. We have cameos from Opal et al. which was nice.

This book was a real dream. An easy 5 stars, but I need the next book like yesterday!



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12 thoughts on “ARC: Shadow Study by Maria V Snyder

  1. Excellent! So glad to see a positive review of this one. I was on the fence about picking it up eventually because I was worried because of how much I enjoy the original 3 in the series. Glad to hear all the characters are still wonderful!

    1. Oh they are! They are! It was just so good to be back with Yelena and Valek. Gah! I need the next book!!! Ha ha!

  2. I have this book, cannot wait to read it!!! I am a massive Poison Study fan, and like you I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if I got approved and I did πŸ™‚ SO happy!! Nice review,

  3. Oh gosh, I read the first two Study books SO long ago and I really need to finish, because I loved those dang books. I didn’t know it was even still happening.

    1. Oh gods. I only found out about the new book by complete accident! And it’s still such a good series. So so good. *gets all excited thinking about it*

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