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Merry Christmas! See you in January!

I’m officially signing off for 2014.

There’s a ‘best of 2014’ post itching to be let loose, but I’m still reading some real corkers that I think will be latecomers to the list. And I can’t risk it. I just can’t.

Thanks to Jess over at Jess Hearts Books who felt similarly. 😀

I mean… Hello? I’m currently reading Golden Son by Pierce Brown. I mean.. that’s GOT to make it to the ‘best of list’, right?

So for the next few days, I bid you adieu! I needs must enter a food coma.


Please, please, PLEASE direct me to any posts/pictures of your bookish hauls over the holidays. I love to salivate over the possibilities… So. Many. Books.

Thank you all, for making my blogging escapades so much more the better. Much love Xx




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