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Review: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi




Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi – borrowed from my local library

This wasn’t at all what I expected it to be like. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it still managed to surprise me.

So, what worked for me?

World Building – I loved how the world building wasn’t over the top. Sometimes with this fantasy/post apocalyptic type story the world building starts overtaking the story itself and before you know it you’re bogged down with place names you can’t pronounce, and landscapes that are impossible to imagine. This just worked. Beautifully.

Perry – I loved his character, and most of the ‘savages’. I thought they were particularly compelling as a character set. I mean, Perry’s brother? Hell! If this book had shifted age range I would be all over Perry’s brother like a rash. Mmm hmm. (Shh, let’s pretend it’s all good.. you know what I mean if you’ve read this book..)

Plot – The story itself was engaging. I like ‘journey’ type storylines and this was definitely one of those! And like all good journeys, just when they think they’ve got where they need to be, they realise they have to keep going.

Characterisation – In general this is fantastic. Really strong, well rounded characters. They easily come alive from the page.

What didn’t work for me?

Aria – I didn’t like her very much. I’m not sure I can pin point it exactly, but I found her slightly irritating for the majority of the narrative. She was weak. Or, at least, she thought herself weak and others treated her as weak too. She had something of a turnaround near the end, so I’m hoping this keeps up in the following books.

Plot – I know, I’ve already said I liked it. But at the same time… not much happens. Not really.

Dual POV – This was confusing for me because it was being told in third person and so the voice didn’t change that much between each ‘POV’ if that makes sense? It was only through free indirect speech and other such things that I got a real sense of the character’s voice. I think I’d rather just stick with one character… I’m not a big fan of dual perspectives. But if you’re cool with that then this book won’t be a problem for you at all.


I enjoyed the read very much. It took a little while for me to get really stuck into it, but once I was there it was in proper page-turner territory.

This book will please any dystopian/fantasy fans methinks. YA, with a bit of romance, and some really nice touches within the narrative. Overall, a lovely book. I gave it four stars. 🙂



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