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Review: Slammed by Colleen Hoover



Slammed by Colleen Hoover (Simon and Schuster, 2012) Borrowed from my local library

“Layken’s father died suddenly, leaving her to gather every ounce of strength to be a pillar for her family, in order to prevent their world from falling apart. Now her life is taking another unexpected turn…
Layken’s mother gets a job which leads to an unwanted move across country. However, a new home means new neighbours… and Layken’s new neighbour is the very attractive Will Cooper.

Will has an intriguing passion for slam poetry, and a matching passion for life. The two feel an irresistible attraction but are rocked to the core when a shocking revelation brings their romance to a screeching halt.

Layken and Will must find a way to fight the forces that threaten to tear them apart… or learn to live without each other.”

This is my first outing with Ms Hoover and I gotta say, I was pretty excited.

What worked for me?

Setting – We’ll start with something easy because I thought that the setting was really well crafted. I could ‘feel’ it, you know? I liked the proximity of the characters’ houses, the school, the environmental difference from what she was used to. It all felt right.

Characters – In general, there’s a strong set of characters here. Both primary and secondary. I loved Eddie and also the two boys; Caulder and Kel. I wasn’t overly taken by Layken, but more on that later.

Feels – When these moments happened, it was magic. There were a few scenes (I’m thinking of one in particular, in the laundry room..) where I was begging for more.. But what I was given was enough to keep me going.

Plot – The story feels original. I didn’t feel like it was borrowing or copying from any other titles in its genre, and I was impressed with that. I mean, slam poetry? Hells to the yells!

What didn’t work for me?

Writing style – Sometimes it felt too basic. As in, there was a lot of ‘I opened the fridge. Took out the milk. Closed the fridge. I leaned against he closed fridge door.’ I wanted less ‘tell’ and more ‘show’ in some instances.

Quick movers – Wow. Those two get the hots for each other pretty darn fast! I wouldn’t say it was ‘insta-love’ but it’s close enough to make me cringe. After reading on, I understood why the author needed to establish a relationship quickly, but it was too quick in my opinion!

Fast finishers – Again. Wow. It was like having a carrot shaped like sexy-time dangled in front of my face for the entire novel… and then instead of fresh, hot, goodness, I get a fast-forward? Nooo! Don’t do that to me!

(also, not sure what a ‘sexy-time’ shaped carrot would look like… leave your answers in the comment box below..)

Layken – Teen angst runs rife within this one. (Bad Yoda impression). I liked Layken, but she was very dramatic. Sure, I probably would have been too. But she’s completely engulfed by her passion for him… after one date? I think it is likely a case of ‘you want what you can’t have’, but even so, I don’t think I saw enough interaction between them for it to end where it did. And my GOSH doesn’t she whinge? xD

I’m hoping her character matures in the coming books? Because I couldn’t help but wonder at this being labelled a ‘New Adult’ book when it’s easily in the realms of older YA, true? My best guess was that with future books planned, it would crossover into the realms of NA, and so I suppose you should start as you mean to go on. *edit* I’ve also seen this tagged as YA? What is this book?! Someone tell me!

Slam – I love poetry. I love performance poetry. I love slams. I think what was giving me a small niggle (turning into a headache) was that everyone wrote the same poem. I thought it was a cool addition to add the actual poetry they were reading, but they were all the same. I just think that it does ‘slam poetry’ a disservice, because there’s such a wide range of poets and performers, and not all do that thing where every other important word is overemphasised or… elongated.

It was cool though. I just felt like it could have been approached with a bit of variety in mind.


I liked Slammed. I liked it a lot. But it wasn’t the almighty god of New Adult that I thought it would be. The writing style erred on the side of basic too often for me to ignore, and I wasn’t overly engaged by the main characters. Basically, I wanted sex to happen. There. I said it. Fingers crossed for the next book eh? 😉

A satisfied 3 out 5. It wasn’t mind-blowing, or heart breaking, but it was a ‘goodread’. Heh heh.

Also, as a quick aside- This version has a butt ugly cover! It makes it look like a Sylvia Day novel. Or worse… 50 Shades… The packaging for this one is all wrong.




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6 thoughts on “Review: Slammed by Colleen Hoover

  1. Your first outing with Ms Hoover? Now I know why the bit behind on books carpet looks in a state! 😛

    I’m not answering the ‘sexy time shaped carrot’ question, at least not before the watershed.

    Nice to see a poet being featured as a central character though, poets are an often misunderstood bunch of people 😉

    Lovin’ your work 🙂

    1. Definitely great to have a poet as the maon dude. I just wished he was more like how I like my poetry. Lols. It was generic slam and maybe it would work out loud but on the page it doesn’t translate the same, you know?

      Thanks for stopping in! Always good to see you!

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