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BookBlogWriMo #11 – Your Most Popular Posts



Euw. You made me look at my stats… That’s never a pretty place to be.

Cue spiral of despair.

My top ten posts on this blog are:

At 10… Hilary Wynne – Author Interview and Giveaway

I love this woman. And I love her books. It’s one of those rare moments where you finish reading a book and you feel like it was written for you. Like, everything about the characters, the setting, the plot.. It just sings all the right notes. I mean, it’s set in Miami. And it’s hot. In every way.

She agreed to do an interview. Woohoo! It was also my first giveaway on this blog.

Book three in the Alexa Reed series comes out soon. I hope.. 😀

Coming in at number 9… Standalone or Series?

I ask that question- do I prefer a standalone, or a series? And it used to be pretty straight forward. But I feel like I might have changed since I wrote it. I’m now quite on the fence about it.

Still.. a good series is great to sink your teeth into, true?

And at 8… Why do good girls like bad boys… in books!

“I’ve always thought that there was something slightly wonky about me.

Give me a classic villain, or an obvious love triangle and I’m immediately on board with the motorbike riding, leather clad, brooding bad boy.”

In which I explore the possible science behind this phenomenon.

Worming its way into number 7… Writing the Unknown, choosing a setting for your story

Here I talk about that phrase ‘write what you know’. But why? And how far should you follow that statement?

Setting is important. So it’s good to get it right, yah?

A heavy hitter at 6… Review – Red Rising by Pierce Brown

One of the best reads of 2014. I was so lucky to get an eARC of this book, and then later a paperback galley (I know, I was shocked too) and it was such a treat to read. YA SF at its best. It does that crossover thing too.. where, if it were sold in the Adult section, no one would blink. Love it. Simple as.

If I were to recommend just one book from this year, this would be it.

Strong words… but I mean it.

Alive at 5… Meet Caesura poetry magazine

I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the editing team at Caesura online last year, and here I talk about the magazine and what it stands for. Fab!

And at number 4… Review: Phenomenal X by Michelle A. Valentine

This came early on in my first steps into NA. I took it upon myself to really dive into it over the summer because I think it’s a category that receives a lot of bad feelings. I will admit, there are some real ‘misses’ in New Adult, but this was one of the first real ‘hits’ for me. Big, hulking alpha male. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker.

Nearly there! At 3… Author Interview with Anne Blankman (Prisoner of Night and Fog)

Gawsh I was so excited when Anne Blankman agreed to let me have at it with my questions. And I had questions! Heh heh.

Number 2 is… Review: Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson

Ohhh! I loved this book! It’s in a similar vein to Red Rising above, but it leans more towards Harry Potter whereas Red Rising is more Hunger Games. I mean, I don’t need to compare these books to anything, but it sometimes help to gauge a vibe, yeh?

Brilliant book!

And at number 1, the winner! Review: Stay by Hilary Wynne

I’m not that surprised. I mean, I went beserk over this book. What more can I see? My and this book are soul mates. ❤


What’s the most popular post on your blog?

Pusheen Cat (44)Hoo. I need a nap after all that!




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4 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo #11 – Your Most Popular Posts

    1. Yeah! Me too. Sort of. I mean, I had an incline, but there were some posts that surprised me too.. sometimes you just can’t predict your audience!! Heh heh.

    1. Ooh, like a fresh perspective perhaps? I’ve been thinking of revisiting some books that I loved just to see if I still agree with everything I said.

      I used the word ‘hobbit’ in one post waaaay back when.. and that keeps dragging some poor unfortunate souls to my blog. Heh heh.

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