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BookBlogWriMo #6 – #TBT Fave Childhood Books


This one is so much fun! My favourite childhood books?

I’m going on the assumption that this is pre-secondary school type books. Here’s a sample of what I remember loving reading:

I was really into any book that had a focus on animals or exaggerated characterisation (like in The Twits). I mean, Roald Dahl still is right up there, I think, for kids books. But I think the ‘Sophie’ series was most precious to me. I loved the character. She broke expected gender roles, and I think that’s a difficult things to pull off in younger fiction. Sophie, and her snail, rocks!

What about you? Which books shaped your childhood?




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4 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo #6 – #TBT Fave Childhood Books

  1. I’ve never read any of these! XD I’ve heard of Saddle Club, but I never read it. A lot of the books you listed I haven’t even heard of, haha. But they remind me of another book I was obsessed with as a kid: Corduroy. I loved that book ^-^

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it? I mean, I got some of these books from my school library, and others from the local bookstore.. so really, our childhoods are shaped by whatever the local haunts had in stock! 😮

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