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BookBlogWriMo #4 – Why You Blog



Why do I blog?

Because I like books. Because I love reading and I enjoy putting my thoughts about a book to paper, even if it’s to work it all out in my own mind.

Sometimes I can feel conflicted about a book, or more, a character, and I find that by blogging about it I end up feeling better about it.

It’s like having a mini-rant. With friends.

I’d love to say my main reasons for blogging were selfless. Like, to encourage others to pick up a book, to have a discussion about it, to get excited by literature… and whereas that’s a great thing if I achieve that… my motivation for doing this is purely cathartic.

And as I explain in Day 1, I hate not being busy. My brain is a dangerous place if not preoccupied!

Why do you blog? Am I the only selfish blogger out there? 😮

Pusheen Cat (10)I’m not sharing these crisps…



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

5 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo #4 – Why You Blog

  1. I definitely feel this way. Blogging is essentially an open mic to rant, and I do it all the time about books that make me happy or frustrated. I personally see writing a a way to get your opinions out there, and I think all us bloggers are “selfish” that way.

    1. Totally! Getting it all out so it can’t clutter your brain any longer! Work through the book issues, your rage, your fangirling xD

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