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BookBlogWriMo #2 – How You Read


Hokay. (I’m still on a catch up..)

How I read?

Paperback vs Hardback – I’m not a big fan of hardbacks. They’re clunky and if the book is quite long they become too heavy to hold. They hurt my hands! I much prefer a paperback… But I do like the prettiness of hardbacks. I will buy a hardback of a classic, or if it’s an author I love. I probably won’t read it though, just keep it… To stroke, and drool over…

eReader and smartphone – I have a Kindle and I love it. Nothing will ever beat a physical copy of a book, but I love that eBooks have made it possible for some real indie gems available to read and enjoy. Admittedly it’s also opened the door for all sorts of *cough* crap *cough* to go live too… But you have to weigh the good with the bad, and for me, the good easily wins. I do read on my smartphone too. I have one of those ones with a ginormous screen that makes you look silly when you’re talking on it. But I have terrible eyesight.. So.. pros and cons again. 🙂

Bookmarks – Are a big yes!

Dog ears – Are only acceptable in textbooks. Do NOT fold the corners of my fiction, bitches.

Highlighting – Never do this in one of my books. Unless you have a death wish. You may use a pencil to underline something, but make sure you come back and rub it out. If you’re underlining the key points for my future essays, then write all over it for all I care! Gimme the answers! xD

Library books – I have an issue with library books. I love them. Too much. I currently have about 12 out on loan (I’ve already read some of these.. it just takes a while for me to get back to the library)  But I cannot return a book unread. It physically, and mentally pains me to do so. I will renew that mother until I get around to cracking it open!

Do you have some odd reading rituals? How do you feel about some of these things?

Pusheen is a pretty nyan kitty today–>

Pusheen Cat (1)



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4 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo #2 – How You Read

  1. I love your sense of humor. I was laughing throughout this post. It’s awesome.

    I feel the same way about most of these. Hardbacks are very pretty, but I have tiny, weak arms, so I like paperbacks more because I can hold them for longer periods of time.

    I will not dog ears or highlight my books. I would probably get sick if I did, haha.

    1. Oh my word.. I would get sick in the head if any of my books got highlighted over or dog eared…

      Heh heh.

      And yes! Exactly! Hardbacks are just so damn clunky. You can’t very well read them in the bath can you? Kersploosh!


  2. This was the funniest thing I’ve read all day XD I don’t dog ear (I used to when I was younger with my Babysitters Club books!) or highlight, unless I’m doing so in a textbook. Otherwise, big no-no lol.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with issues with this..

      I’ve seen people upload photos of their books covered in fluorescent pink, yellow, green… and dog ears ahoy! And it makes me want to go Hulk..


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