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Something borrowed…

So, I recently made a post about how addicted I am to my local library services. And after spending the whole of last week at university (MA programme induction week) I read next to nothing. I started a book, but that’s it! And going by my recent track record, that’s shocking!

So my reservations at the library have been stacking up.

I thought I’d make a post about all the books I have to furiously read before my time with them sadly runs out. *sad face*

I am also taking suggestions for what to read next! So please, leave a suggestion below!


Also, ones not in this pile:

So yeah! I have a lot of readingz to be getting on with.

I’ve already read ‘Falling Fast’ by Sophie McKenzie and I’m about to start ‘Slammed’ by Colleen Hoover.

But what next? Help!



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

7 thoughts on “Something borrowed…

      1. On the basis of judging the book by its cover, I’d go for Shadow and Bone – look at the font! If that book isn’t great I’ll eat some of the pages πŸ˜‰

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