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Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins



After not liking Lola as much as Anna, I wasn’t sure how I would end up feeling about this one.

Isla was fabulous! I don’t think it quite topped Anna, but I instantly connected with Isla as a character and I loved how Josh was immediately in the picture. Also, I thought that the story goes in a refreshing kind of direction because I think it might have been easy to let a series like this fall into something formulaic. But hey, Perkins is a pro! A freakin’ narrative queen! So I was loving the fact that there was no real initial conflict- the pair got together. Yay!

It was interesting to watch how human nature can cause its own problems within a relationship. How you can know something is fine, but feel like it might not be, all at the same time! (We’re a difficult bunch, us hooman beans)

And oh. My. Gosh. How all three couples come together at the end? Absolute magic! Etienne and Anna… *squees*

I loved this book. So much! As a series its something special. Each protagonist has been different, but still has that element of ‘sameness’, that sense that they are just like you, that what happens to them could happen to you too. And it’s that ‘realness’ of action that really drew me into these books because it’s not melodramatic, nor does it over exaggerate anything. It’s still grand, and sweeping in its romance, but it’s not fantastical with it.

A real dream to read.

I gave Isla a happily ever 5 out of 5. This is a real spectacular series.





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