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Why I Love my Local Library (and why you should too!)


I’ll admit. Until a couple months ago, I stuck my nose up at the thought of using my local library.

First off, it’s teeny tiny. Essentially, a shoe box, and my ‘genre of choice’, the YA section, wasn’t very expansive.

So I borrowed a couple titles, dug around the other shelves for some hidden gems.. and then felt like I’d used it for all it had to offer.

I’d sucked it dry, like a literature vampire. But no sparkles.

And then I suffered a revelation. I say ‘suffered’ because I felt like smacking my head against something hard and unforgiving.

Logging into my account online I found I could browse the whole catalogue for Cornwall’s libraries.

This was like Christmas come early, because not only could I track down some titles I had been thinking about buying (an idea my wallet really wasn’t keen on) and then RESERVE them. And to make this process even more heavenly, I could have these books delivered to my local branch for pick up. For free!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve saved. And how much joy I’ve received!

Also, I’ve found my horizens broadened because not only have I been grabbing up titles I want to read, I’ve been picking out ones I’ve been feeling a little ‘so-so’ about. Because there’s nothing worse than buying an ‘ok’ book and feeling cheated out of your pocket money!

Borrowing a book from the library though? Who cares if it turns out to be a dud? There’s no love loss… and my family are spared the usual rant of ‘I can’t believe I’ve spent 6, 7, 8 quid on this! My hard earned cash!’ Heh heh.

Since using my library account to its fullest potential I’ve been enlightened to authors such as Rainbow Rowell, Megan Miranda, J Lynn and Gayle Forman. All of which I probably would have ‘put off’ if I hadn’t been able to borrow the titles.

I’m enamoured. And I would press gang anyone into seeing what their local library service could offer them!



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