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Something to Declare – We’re gonna be on the radio!

“The story of 24 strangers, 5 days and 1 radio show. Friday 26th September 2-3pm UTC on The Source. Held together under the watchful eye of Paul Dodgson.”


Hey guys, you remember me harping on about starting a Masters in Professional Writing? Well I’m in week one, and we’ve hit the ground running.

We have the wonderful Paul Dodgson for one week only, and what a week it’s proving to be!

We’re putting on a radio show. The theme is ‘travel’. Sounds easy.

It’s not. But despite wanting to bash my head against the desk because I simply can’t see the story through the words anymore, it’s been fun.

We’ve been put in charge of everything from creating an online presence, to logo design:


I can’t take any credit for the hard work going into these aspects, but I can certainly applaud those people that volunteered to take photos, sort out a script, set up a blog, twitter, facebook, instagram etc. (<– clicky!)

If you want to follow the story as it unfolds you can see more by clicking the various social media links above. We’re trying to reach as many people as possible with our merry little band of writers and soon-to-be-good-friends.

It would make me real happy to see some of y’all popping over to the twitter or facebook and leaving a comment or simply hitting that like button!

We’re in the recording studio tomorrow- there’ll be pictures and other fun stuffs to check out. 🙂

And hey look! The sneaky buggers caught a snap with me in it too!



Photography: Jay Armstrong


YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

2 thoughts on “Something to Declare – We’re gonna be on the radio!

  1. Just popping by belatedly to say that I enjoyed the show!
    Will we get the pleasure of you taking over the airwaves again any time soon?

    1. Nah. It was a one time only special five dollar whoopee! …yeah. I should probably lay off the sugar.

      Thanks for tuning in! 😀

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