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How much do you read when you write?

This is a question for all kinds of writers- fiction writers, poets, bloggers..

I’m intrigued to know how much of y’all read while you’re writing.

From a blogging point of view, I do wonder sometimes how many of us actually get out there and read other content. I know I try to keep tabs on those in my WordPress reader, as well as others I follow on twitter. But I know of at least one person that just posts. They don’t read. (they admitted it to me via email.. and since they won’t be reading this I don’t feel bad about saying it! Heh heh)

And is that fair?

People blog for different reasons, but ultimately, you want to be read. But it seems hypocritical not to go ou there and read/comment on what other people are doing. Also, I know that if I didn’t scour the blogging community for new and exciting posts, I would lose out on a ton of inspiration and potential content for my own blog. True?

For fiction writers.. I don’t understand how anyone can improve their craft if they don’t read. Again, I know there were people who while studying for a Creative Writing degree, admitted that they didn’t read books.


I think you only do yourself a disservice if you don’t look at what’s already out there, and learn from the good and from the not so good.

I’m just interested to hear other opinions on the reading/writing ratio?



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

3 thoughts on “How much do you read when you write?

    1. So true! There’s no point writing in a bubble. Unless you’re happy and satisfied inside said bubble. Then carry on! xD

  1. I have to read when I write. Not only is it a good learning experience, it’s my ESCAPE! Sometimes I need to get out of myself and the story I’m writing. Especially when it gets really dark and depressing. I can’t stay that way for long without being dragged down into it. So I have to read something else to take my mind off of it. Something lighthearted, preferably. But it waxes and wanes depending on what part of the WIP I’m writing. But I never give up my reading. Not possible.

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