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New on my shelf – Bought, Borrowed, Received

I’ve got a SHED LOAD of books to get through, and I really want to get as much ‘for my own pleasure’ reading in before I start my Masters in September. And then it will be ‘bye bye self indulgence’ and ‘welcome back academic slog’.

But here’s what’s new for me this last couple of weeks-

From the library:

An NA book that was hidden at the back of stack of other generic chick lit titles. I’ve been meaning to read Cora Carmack for a while now, so I grabbed that one up quick-snap! And then I wandered into the YA section and gosh darn it, who wouldn’t pick those two up? Look at the covers!! *coos*


Purchased by me:

I’ve actually started reading the J Lynn book. I’m still not entirely comfortable with Jennifer L Armentrout’s narrative style, I think it can be clunky in places, but there is always something about her stories that keeps me coming back. As for the McGuire title, I’m giving her a chance to redeem herself (see here).

Purchased FOR me (because I have lovely people in my life):

I’ve read Oryx and Crake, so I’m eager to read the others in the series. Uh.. The corpse one? Well.. what can I say? I’m an odd bod. 😀

From Bookbridgr:

I love bookbridgr. I love getting books in the post even more. I love getting the opportunity to read these titles even more than that!


There are a few more, but I’ve either read them already, or on the way to have read them.. and that means they’re not really ‘new’ to the shelf anymore.

Anyhow, what about you? Got anything new?



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One thought on “New on my shelf – Bought, Borrowed, Received

  1. The newest books I’ve purchased are Silver Shadows (which I just started), and Isla and the Happily Ever After. 😀 I also got one of the Fruits Basket volumes, because that series is beautiful. ^-^ I hope you enjoy your books!

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