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Well, What Happened?

Remember me talking about hibernating until results day?

Well that came.. and went.. and I came out of hibernation with a mighty ROAR!

And I have a few things I need to mention, and people to thank, so let’s get to it.



Oh. My. Effing. Gawd.

I picked up my last assignments and nearly passed out in the quad. It took a lot of courage- me and my friend Vix sat on a bench in the middle of campus and just looked at the covers of our dissertations, too scared to look inside.

So, lemme backtrack a little- We have been obsessively crunching numbers for the entire semester, working out how low we can score to still achieve a 2:1 (who am I kidding? I was aiming higher..)

My English Literature assignments (one on the poets Plath, Hughes and Heaney, the other a creative/critical response to a Post Colonial Literature module) both got firsts. FIRSTS! Hot damn. I had calculated that I could get a low 60 for my English essays (I never feel quite as confident about the purely academic modules).

But I got two at 70+

And so that just left the dissertation. I had sweaty palms. I turned the cover.. aaand.. where was the grade? I was panicking, thinking they’d left it off. Oh. Turn the page, genius (really, it’s a wonder I got this far, no?)

*deep breath*


Wha- what? I did a lot of blinking and double checking and rubbing at the ink. But it seemed to be correct. I’d achieved a MASSIVE 92% on my final piece of work for my degree. Holy shit.

Previously calculations could be thrown completely out of the window. Out of the damn solar system! I was, without a doubt, the proud owner of a first class degree in Creative Writing with English Literature.


Wake Up!

It was like I was hit by lightning. I was so awake! And the first thing I wanted to do was read. The pure pleasure of reading things that I chose, rather than being chosen for me by module reading lists.

And I embarked on a mission to read outside of my comfort zone too. It’s still proving great fun!

Also, it’s been suggested that we start keeping a ‘book diary’ over the summer before starting the MA programme. And when they say ‘suggest’ I feel like it’s more ‘insist’ or ‘do this or die’.

I keep hearing the phrase ‘hit the ground running’ in relation to this course. I’m thinking about getting it tattooed to my eyelids or something..


Get to work!

And I don’t mean ‘work’ work, because I’ve never stopped working full time, throughout my entire degree, and I’m still working, working, working.

But I wasn’t ‘writing’.

This is where I need to thank my online homegirl (yeah.. if you could hear that in my dorky British accent.. *shakes head*)  the very awesome Des!

You can find MissDreamyMarie at her blog here.

She wrote a post recently about completing the first draft of her novel.

1. This is such an incredible achievement.

2. It inspired me to start writing again.

And that meant writing for ‘me’ rather than for an assessment criteria. I’m the proud owner of nearly 13000 words of a Contemporary NA novel. Go me!


Oh.. I also had a birthday. I’m proper old now. I think I’m getting my first wrinkle. I’m devastated. Seriously. Don’t even..


So how are y’all doing?



YA writer. Epic reader. Professional procrastinator.

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